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May 4, 2013 05:27 PM

Scottsdale resto recs for a chef and her friends

Im heading to Scottsdale for a long weekend in June with three friends. We are from NY and Seattle, two exceptional places for food. Any suggestions where we should eat for the three nights we're there? B/L/D? We're staying at the Four Seasons. Thank you!!

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  1. If you hail from NYC and Seattle, you will be sorely disappointed with the dining scene in Scottsdale (or the Phoenix metro area).

    For some of the best Scottsdale has to offer, try ShinBay (haute Japanese), FnB (wine bar), and in Phoenix try Kai (nouveau Native American) and Quiessence (farm-to-table).

    1. Atlas is one of the better restaurants in Scottsdale foodwise. It is also one of the few BYOs and it is next to a very good wine shop.

      1. One thing we do a pretty darn good job at in the Valley is steakhouses. There are a ton of them (Bourbon Steak, BLT, J&G, and Dominicks to name a few). The one that I dine at most regularly is Maestro's City Hall in the downtown Scottsdale area. There is however a Maestro's Steakhouse in North Scottsdale, closer to the Four Seasons.

        Otherwise, I totally agree with the two other posts here.

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          One thing we do a pretty darn good job at in the Valley is steakhouses.

          Maybe, but NYC (where the OP is) does steakhouses better than just about any city outside of Las Vegas.

          Sad truth is, Scottsdale and Phoenix are just not food destinations.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Have to agree with you on steakhouses. Ours are ok but I do not think chefs are interested in steakhouses anyway.

            We are not a top food destination by any means but we do have a few excellent ethnic places and some chef driven places that would appeal to a chef. In addition to the already mentioned Atlas and ShinBay, POSH comes to mind.

        2. Yes, we cannot compare to NYC, etc. blah blah blah. Don't despair this is an above average food town as most AZ foodies will attest. The trouble is you need to know where to go and be ready to drive. If you have a rental car, you are all good. There is also Uber, which I'm sure you know of if you are from NYC/Seattle.

          I would check the board here as there are great summaries and in most cases I agree with them including ipsedixit's choices below (although lukewarm on FnB).

          I would add The Mission, The Parlor, Richardson's, Brat Haus, Crudo, Citizen Public House, Gallo Blanco. I would also recommend trying some of our better Latin American spots for tacos, ceviches, etc. I won't list them here, but you can find them on this board and in other locations.

          If you cannot eat well here, then you have a problem.

          PS - If you are craving a good steakhouse, Mastro's is my favorite here in town - either location.

          1. While Phoenix may not be the center of the food universe (Spain, apparently), we have some places where you can get some really good food in a relaxed environment. Please check to make sure that none of the following are on a break for the gets hot here :)

            Here are some places where I point visitors

            Breakfast- Matt's Big Breakfast, Vovomeena, Gallo Blanco, Daily Dose, Dottie's True Blue (SF Transplant)

            Lunch- The House, Andreoli's Italian Grocery

            Dinner- Citizen Public House, FnB, Posh, Shinbay, Binkley's, Petite Maison, Crudo, Noca, Bourbon Steak (now that Chris Curtiss is cooking)

            If you are looking for only in Arizona experiences, you can check out Kai for formal native american. For extremely less formal, Los Reyes De La Torte or Tacos Atoyac. You could also head out to the reservation to The Stand (Alma School Rd just south of Indian School Rd, not the taco and burger joint in Phoenix).

            Also, you might want to check out Sweet Republic for ice cream or Pizzeria Bianco for our most famous local pizza (lines much shorter now that there are 2 locations and they are open for lunch).

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              Please consider The Fry Bread House if the OP is considering less formal Phoenix fare.