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May 4, 2013 01:32 PM

Quick Lunch near FSH or Ave. Montaigne

I'm currently planning my trip to Paris around christmas, and need help in deciding lunch near the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré or Avenue Montaigne (shopping). There isn't too much of a budget, but I want to keep it short, which would eliminate many expensive choices. I am open to any type of ethnic cuisine.

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  1. I would suggest if you want ethnic and/or budget-conscious food you get away from the Faubourg Saint-Honoré or Avenue Montaigne.
    Paris is extraordinarily easy to get around by Metro and it'll take only a few minutes - search for ethnic and budget lunch places and we'll comment.

    1. Keeping it short will eliminate most fine dining in this area. If your shopping is going to surpass a few thousand euros in one shop, talk to them about arranging lunch.

      1. “rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré or Avenue Montaigne (shopping). There isn't too much of a budget”
        If there isn't too much of a budget, then you are shopping on the wrong streets.
        If you can shop in those areas, you must have a budget. A good 4-course menu in a nice bistro can cost less than 10% of an entry-level Kelly bag.
        In any case, a planning of Ave Montaine type expensive-but-mainly-tourist shopping + no time to eat + low budget is extremely challenging and is not the type of requests this board usually gets. Fellow hounds usually have diametrically opposite priorities.

        1. Re avenue Montaigne. The rue Bayard is where the local workers tend to lunch... maybe Chez Savy is the best (and quickest) of the bunch but I haven't been for a year or so. I also used to like the café inside the Maison Dassault/ Artcurial at the Champs Elysées-end of the ave Montaigne but no recent experience. The Bar des Théâtres (recently re-located from the ave Montaigne to the rue Jean-Goujoun) is of course the traditional cantine of the ave Montaigne types but maybe only the steak tartare is recommendable. If a 10-min walk isn't too far, a bar lunch at the Mini-Palais in the Grand Palais is usually enjoyable but not exactly cheap. For cheaper but less good nosh, the café inside le Petit Palais.

          Re rue Faubourg St-Honoré. A quickie lunch at the bar of La Cave Beauveau on the rue Saussaies... just around the corner from the Elysée Palace