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May 4, 2013 12:57 PM

Recommendations for West/East Village?

We'll be in NYC in about a month....4 adults, including 2 who are in NYC for the first time. Would like to have dinner one night in the Village (either W or E) at an inexpensive place ...entrees under $25, say. Are fine with making reservations if need be. Would be grateful for recommendations of good interesting places--rather than settle for a place that happens to have a table open. Thanks!

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  1. West and East Village is still a fairly big geographical area. Where are you staying? Maybe one side is more convenient than the other?

    Preferred cuisines?

    1. We're actually staying in midtown. Some preferred cuisines....Italian, Latin American, contemporary American, Chinese, Indian. To narrow it down, West Village...but we're pretty flexible.

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        If making a reservation is a requirement, L'artusi or Perilla. You might also like Joseph Leonard, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Pearl Oyster Bar but they don't take reservations. West Village is not very strong on Chinese and Indian. You will also find that a lot of places in the WV tend towards entrees closer to $30.

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          Edit: forgot that Blue Ribbon Bakery is now on Opentable.

        2. Crispos (14th St) for really good Italian fare at a decent price by NY standards. Expect noise and crowds on weekends. It's popular.

          1. These are good solid places and are among our favorite go-to places in EV that aren't too spicey. They can get a little busy (but that's b/c they're good places :-)

            Cafe Mogador - Great, great Mediterrean food
            Zum Schneider - Great Bavarian food/beer (beer hall style, cash only).

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                I like Mogador, except that you have to watch out for the mesclun side salads, which have a recurring problem of occasionally including rotten leaves.

              2. Buvette! Butter and herbs creep into every corner of your nose. The entrees are surprisingly affordable. The coq au vin is terrific. The only tradeoff is it's usually jampacked and they dont take reservations-it will be loud and crowded and your server will be busy, but the food merits the hype.