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Yummy Market ( Major Mac & Dufferin ) - An Amazing ' European Experience ' Super Market!!!

Opened about 3 months ago, I only realize of its existence through the flyer they send out yesterday. With an area about twice the size of McEwan on Don Mills, this impressive 'European product focused' supermarket is a 'must visit' for any serious foodies who happen to visit this Maple/Richmond Hill area

Entering the premise this fine Saturday morning, I encountered a store full of customers, at least 90% of whom were speaking either Russian or Polish!! For a moment, I thought I was inside a supemarket in Moscow!!

First impression was WOW!!! Why? Because I noticed they don't just have a Delicatessen Department, they actually have independent 'stand alone' Smoked Meat and Smoked Fish departments!! The former, featuring at least 20 types of European sausages whilst the latter, featuring Pickled Fishes in barrels!! Variety of smoked fish was also an eye opener! Both the Hot and Cold prepared food sections as well as the Cheese department were equally huge and impressive.

Some of the unique and 'hard to find' products I bought this morning to try included:
- Pickled Beef Tongue rubbed with raw garlic!
- Smoked Beef Tongue
- Wild Alaskan King Salmon Caviar ( $9 per 100grms ). {They also have other wild Salmon Caviar in bulks, jars or cans. Not to mention Russian Sturgeon Caviar!!}
- House cured Gravlax ( Oily but a bit too salty, IMO. Prefer St. Lawrence Markets' selection)
- Fresh house-made Chicken Kiev
- Veal Croquettes.
- Duck Leg Confit with Mandarin glaze
- Frozen wild 'Lingonberries' from Eastern Europe. ( They also have frozen Black Currants and Black Berries!! Great for Smoothies! )

From over 7 types of marinate Herrings ( including real Swedish ones ) to Smoked Sturgeon and Butter Fish to 10+ types of Smoked Pork Loins and Pork Pates, authentic Beef Stroganoff, Lamb, Beef, Chicken and Pork Shashlick, Russian Smoked Fish Casserole, Baked stuffed whole Bass....etc There were simply too many interesting products to mention in such a posting. Best to see for yourself!!

Price point for most produce and grocery products were a touch lower than your Loblaws, Metros or Longos...etc

Only downside! I was too busy browsing and shopping, I forgot to take photos so that I can post here! Sigh!!

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  1. Wow Charles! What a find!! I can't wait to check this out next time we're in that neck of the woods. Thank-you for sharing.

    I found them on the www here:


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      Thank you!! The website should provide more info to those who want to pay it a visit.

    2. There's been one on Dufferin just south of Finch for a few years now. Its set back quite a bit from the street and its where the old White Rose Nursery used to be. Never been inside, and for some reason I always thought it was an Asian supermarket.

      1. Charles, the orginal location is Dufferin/Finch. There have been threads on it but I cannot find them for some reason.

        It is a fantastic European grocery store. :)

        1. Wow! Just checked their website. Apparently, their new store at 50000 sq ft is almost 3 times the size of McEwans and bigger than the size of most Loblaw's Superstores, but without the clothings and household goods!!

            1. As others have pointed out Yummy Market has been operating near Dufferin and Finch for years

              Fascinating place, nicer and better selection of "Russian" food than any place I shopped when in I was in Russia (I put "Russian" in quotes because, even in Russia, much of the food is in fact, Ukrainian, Georgian and from the Caucuses), OK it's not as nice as Yelesayev but the selection is better.

              When I was in Russia I got hooked on a dish the Russians call "Herring in a fur coat" which is a sort of herring and beet salad and they do a nice version at Yummy. Also the double smoked kielbasa in natural casings is amazing.

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                What a coincidence!! I just tried ' Herring in a fur coat ' for the first time, last week!! Made by a Russian friend of my wife's!! Loved it!! Very refreshing!

                BTW, Just tried the Chicken Kiev for dinner. Huge portion! Flavorful and crispy cocoon when heated up in the oven. Nice and moist meat but pity, the 'Garlic, parsley butter' sauce filling was a bit stingy!!

                Best Chicken Kiev I had?! Not in Russia but in Hong Kong, of all places!!! Free range chicken was used and those plentiful butter sauce was amazingly delicious with the meat!!!

              2. I've always liked going to the old location (been going for a few years). Its fun, however I've never actually found stuff that I *really* really like.

                1. I finally went to the new location. It is at least twice as big as it needs to be. They have a tough time filling out the space. So for example the yoghurt section is a comprehensive museum of yoghurt. There is so much choice that I couldn't find a standard product, maslanka (a buttermilk yoghurt which I use in preferance to sour cream), and had to ask for help.

                  Their cooking and prepared foods are a tough go for me even though I am Polish, and not for political reasons. The window of opportunity in this Russian style is not all that big although of course there is better and worse. I stopped buying from Yummy because it got to be too much. Too much cooked, too much oil, too much mayo, too, too, much salt. And of course the item begins sort of clumsy and unimaginitive. Particularly disappointing are the house made soups, which I am would like a lot but for the salt. Also as the years have gone by, they have made them with less good things in them and raised the prices significantly.
                  Look out for too much salt in anything that you buy there that is prepared. Except when the risk is too much sweet, as with the various white cheeses except feta which has salt. One feta I like, it is tart. Ask for samples.

                  The lower Dufferin St. store is large but much smaller and has a more pleasurable feel to it, for me anyway.
                  What I get there:
                  maslanka- MC or Western brands, reminiscent of old style sour cream but 3.2%. Western is 2.9% .Years ago I tried Elite brand and didn't like it. Maybe I'll try it again.
                  Frozen smoked salmon scraps. But buy only one bag the first time to try it.
                  hard cheese.
                  I gave up on the no pork they claim sausages for weight loss reasons but I liked them.
                  no pork liverwurst, ibid.
                  sunflower seed halvah, which I like so much that I buy it but give it away. Cheap, too.
                  poppy seed bun- looks like what used to be called a buffalo
                  apples selectively, not Pommela Lee types
                  buckwheat honey
                  frozen morello cherry juice, the fluid from big cans of cherries
                  They have an excellent range of frozen berries and sometimes a range of dried mushrooms, at a good price