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May 4, 2013 12:35 PM

Chill bar for a Saturday night - DuPont Circle

Hi all -
Meeting a good friend after not seeing each other for a while. Looking for a low-key bar with good beers and/or cocktails, with good food (doesn't need to be high end - e.g. Firefly is on the pricier side for what I'm thinking), and where we won't have to fight for a spot on a Saturday evening.
Does such a place exist in DuPont or nearby (near the Embassy Suites at 22nd and N)?

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  1. There is a back bar at DGS, which serves killer versions of Jewish deli food. The chopped liver is wicked. Nice n quiet back there, even though the whole place will be filled.

    1. I would check out the downstairs bar at Darlington House (there is also a rather small bar upstairs which might be quieter).

      You can also try Bar Dupont (there is also outdoor seating), the bar at Rasika, or Agora on 17th Street.