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May 4, 2013 11:34 AM

Ramen best bet?

I'm a ramen lover and thrilled to see that it's made its way into DC. I'm at the convention center for a meeting-have a care and/or cab money. Does anyone have a favorite? I'm a lover of the thick, milky porky broth... and I always get "extra" of anything they can add!

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  1. I have not eaten there but there is a good reveiw for Toki Underground on this site.

    1. Out of Taan, Toki, Daikaya, and Sakuramen I think Taan's broth best fits your description. I don't particularly have a favorite but out of sheer convenience to where I live I've had the Daikaya Shoyu ramen the most over the last couple of months.

      1. My favorite is the Kimchi Ramen at Toki Underground. It uses a tonkotsu (pork bone) base.

        If you are solo, there is a chance you could slip in at Toki Underground if you don't mind hanging around. Otherwise some folks wait for hours to get in (they call or text you when your spot is ready).

        1. Not the "thick, milky broth" sort, but I love Daikaya's ramen, and it's walking distance from you (and much easier to get a seat than at Toki).

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            I agree with Marty L. And I prefer Daikaya to both Taan and Sakuramen as well.

            1. re: Marty L.

              +1 for Daikaya. Go early or put your name down and go up to the bar/walk around Chinatown (not that there's much to see...). Plenty of add ons. Sapporo on draft.