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Food Related Computer Wallpaper?

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How many Chowhounds here have (or are willing to admit they have) food related wallpaper on their computers?

I have a few hundred food related snapshots on my computer that I have downloaded from various free wallpaper sites.

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  1. Not on my computer, but I often have food photos as my phone wallpaper, generally as a mnemonic device related to something I want to (remember to) make. See it in the paper or a food mag? Snap, and to wallpaper. Keeps at least one point of inspiration readily available when I am otherwise flummoxed in the WhattaIWannaEat? games.

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      I do but most of them are pics of food I have made together with my son. They make me smile!

    2. I do, on both my personal and work computers. My current wallpaper is a lovely picture of a spice market in India.

      1. I stare at a photo of an outdoor market in Dili, Timor Leste on my desktop. I'd like to be able to eat bird's eye chilies everyday.


        1. The wallpaper on my desktop is the same photo in my Chowhound avatar (the full photo, or actually a rectangular version of it, not just the circle that now shows on posts), tiled. Rows and rows of little plum almond tarts on a sisal background, which pattern I find aesthetically pleasing. It's textural, but not distracting or overbright.

          1. wouldn't that make you hungry all the time?

            1. Not since that old screen saver of flying toast and toasters! (remember that???) lol

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                My favorite old time screen saver came from Epicurious. They had just started out and you download it and recipes floated across your screen. it was slow enough that you could write them down and then look them up. I wonder if they still have that??

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                  Oh my gosh - I cannot believe someone else knows about that old Epicurious screen saver. That was THE BEST! I e-mailed Epicurious a few years ago asking if they remembered it or if they could "resurrect" it. No one responded. :( Bummer.
                  It was fantastic. A little ice-skating cartoon chef (if I remember) would skate across the screen with a recipe name on his serving tray and if you clicked on the name, it would bring you to that recipe on their website. Brilliant. I discovered more good recipes that way. Damn...doesn't seem like it's around any longer. I think you got to the screen saver through some wacky early internet thing from Microsoft/Windows called "Channels"...I have fuzzy memories about all that stuff. Seems like I used it around 1999/2000?
                  Thanks for sharing. I thought I was the only one who knew about remembered that.