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May 4, 2013 10:19 AM

Looking for a good tacos dorado

Hey there! I'm looking for a resturant with good tacos dorado near sf. Any tips?

BTW my ideal taco dorado is deep fried then they add lettuce and tomatoes. Not just a crispy taco shell taco. Thanks!

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  1. La Taqueria, Mission near 25th St. You need to mention the dorado part when you order the tacos. Place is not fancy but food is great. They close at 9 pm.

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    1. re: walker

      Geez. I've been going there for 10 years and I had no idea! Is the taco dorado deep fried or the crispy taco bell shell type?

      1. re: yemag

        You just tell them "dorado" or even crispy. It's 2 tortillas, as usual but just the outer one gets crispy on the black flat top (they squirt a bit of oil on flat top, first). I love their chicken, really moist. It's white and dark meat but since I much prefer white meat, I specify and they comply.
        They don't do grilled chicken, which is what my daughter seeks out.

        They don't add lettuce and tomato, just salsa or cilantro and chopped onion. (I get the salsa on the side because I like the taco to stay crunchy and not be so drippy.) You can pay extra and get cheese and/or guac. (Their guac is great, not runny.)