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May 4, 2013 09:38 AM

Casual early dinner between Met and Guggenheim

Looking for a non-burger casual spot I can bring my 6 year old daughter. Something i can pretend is somewhat healthy like Paninis, salads or upscale pizza.

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  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is on 5th Avenue and 84th. The Guggenheim is on 5th Avenue as well, and 89th. That's only 5 blocks between them, with very few restaurants actually on 5th Avenue. Are you willing to go a little out of your way and then backtrack?

    1. The most convenient places are near Madison AV (1 block over). Cafe Grazie (84th east of Madison) would probably work; there's a Le Pain Quotidian on Mad (84th-85th); very informal, but Dean and Delucca might work (Mad and 85th); and the Wright restaurant at the Guggenheim (altho I haven't tried that one).

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      1. re: GaryUES

        Le Pain Quotidien is the place!

      2. Heidi's House.

        Not exactly in between, but if you visit either place, I would recommend Heidi's House.

        1. Corner Cafe is just one block east of the Guggenheim on Madison between 89-90 Sts. Lot of variety -- very good sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Lots of kids. For great gelato and sorbet Ciao Bella is just 2 blocks north on 92 St.

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            Second Corner Cafe though the setup is like a deli with no waiter service, just to manage expectations.

            The cafes at the Guggenfeim or Neue Galerie might work.

            1. re: Lacrosse_Gastronomic

              Good point, Corner Cafe is self-service, but has quite a bit of charm.

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                If the weather is decent, grab something at one of these places and have a picnic in Central Park together.

          2. Small backtrack option is Serafina on 79th/Madison. Decent pizza/pasta.

            That area is oddly tough.