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May 4, 2013 09:36 AM

Question re. large group @ Buvette Chez Simone

Is it an appropriate venue for an approx. 18-23 person meet-up for (mostly) wine and possibly some aperitifs and small plates?

I don't want to deal with coordinating a big evening with so many people, so I'm looking to do something casual **w/o reservations** and therefore no responsibility for when people show up and leave and whether or not they want to order food. There will definitely be at least 15 people in our group. I was hoping to do this at Buvette Chez Simone because there's the option of great food, a nice space and excellent wine list. This will be more of a "show up between 8pm-10pm" thing, although as stated, there will definitely be a solid group of 15 with us throughout the evening.

Would you say that BCS could work as a walk-in place or would we absolutely need reservations for a party of that size? I'm talking just the wine bar and not table seating btw. If there's no chance, could you please recommend some other similar options with a really strong wine list, great atmosphere and good french food; preferably in the Plateau-Mile End?


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  1. afaik La buvette does not take reservation.

    For a smaller group (8-ish) I have to come in at nearly opening hours to get a table; It fills up quite quickly.

    Nothing prevent you to get in order drinks and grab tables as they free up (just ask/tell the wait staff).

    1. Maybe try Lustucru a few blocks down? It is much larger. They have a good wine selection and the food is pretty good - mostly tartar but with original presentation.

      1. That seems like a pretty big group for the space... though with the terrasse out front, there might be more place inside. still, i would definitely try to find something else. (can't think of an alternative venue, though. i'm no help (boo).

        1. On nice days in the spring I usually have trouble getting 2 people into BCS let alone 20. Maybe BU would be easier, though perhaps its a bit too formal? Really your options will depend most on the day of the week. Tough question...

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            Thanks everyone... it's a Sunday evening around 8pm-ish if that helps. I'll keep looking in the meantime.