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May 4, 2013 08:41 AM

50th birthday in Paris

I will be celebrating my 50th! birthday in Paris in July. We will have our two daughters 9 and 13 with us. Looking for fun restaurant recomendations.

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  1. Luncheon at La Tour D'Argent would be a great experience for the girls. They would get to "dress up" have Princess service and the fantastic view of the Seine and Notre Dame

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    1. re: UPDoc

      That or Lasserre, where the roof opens up and doves fly out...

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          The more upscale you go, the more personal the choices are. Which is why, assuming you want one of those "very special" restaurant, you have to ask yourself what would wow them the most -- it might indeed be the view at La Tour d'Argent or Jules Vernes, the movie set feel of Lasserre, the spectacular location and better than perfect cuisine of Ledoyen, the club-y feeling and dazzling food of Gagnaire, the theater experience of Savoy or Le Cinq...

          The advice is: look at as many pictures and blog posts as you can to see what stands out in your memory. That's your brain having made its choice.

        2. You failed to mention budget considerations...beware.

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            L T d'Argent is very reasonable at 75Euro and the Princesses will not be drinking much Champagne

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              You are right I didn't mention budget considerations. It is a celebration, but I don't want to break the bank. I also have never been to Paris, so I'm not sure what a "typical" nice meal costs. So, a nice, special restaurant that's not crazy expensive.

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                A typical nice meal in the evening would be around 60-80 euro per person (including wine and service) (for exemple, at Pirouette which is a bistro)

            2. For any landmark celebration, I have a very short short-list. La Grande Cascade in the Bois de Boulogne and le Grand Véfour in the Palais Royal. 9 & 13-yr olds would probably enjoy la Grand Cascade the most... and it's cheaper!

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                  Re Chalet des Iles -- the little ferry launch that you take across the small lake to arrive at the restaurant commences the magic at this lovely little place. Our son certainly liked it for that reason. Some locations are about more than "just the food," and this is one. After, or before, it is lovely to stroll around the little Ile. Glad to see it is apparently open again, I remember it was closed by fire a while ago. -- Jake