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May 4, 2013 08:20 AM

Herb for onion gravy to serve with bangers and mash.

Making bangers and mash with onion gravy for dinner tonight. One recipe call for sage in the gravy, while another calls for bay leaf. Is there one which is more traditional then the other?

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  1. I say Sage is the more traditional and the better choice.

    1. I don't know about tradition, but I'd prefer summer savory.

      1. I asked "mee 'ol Mum" and she said that way back they wouldn't have used any herbs in the sausage or gravy but in the 20th century, sage became the herb of choice (if any) for sausages so folks would also put that in the gravy too if it was available. She'd never thought/heard of bay.

        We prefer thyme FWIW.

          1. re: drongo

            Neither would I.
            If your sausages are good then the gravy should need no herbs added. I've never added herbs to onion gravy for bangers and mash and don't see it as traditional.

          2. Of course I'm from the wrong side of the puddle to pretend any authenticity, but I'd probably default to thyme, just because if I'm cooking onions I usually reach for the thyme bottle at some point. The bangers we get in the US can't be authentic, because to be sold as sausage here an item's allowable non-meat content precludes the amount of rusk or whatever in a proper banger. But I've gotten some okay ones. I think the one onion gravy that I made (looked up a recipe for a change) had salt and pepper only because the sausages were new to me and I wanted to taste their seasonings, not mine.