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May 4, 2013 07:54 AM

Joe Beef ~ attire

We have reservations for Joe Beef tonight (and going to see Anthony Bourdain and the guys tomorrow night, yeah us!)

Since the weather has turned so gorgeous this weekend, I'm wondering if it would be ok for me to wear capris and hubby to wear cargo shorts for dinner tonight or should we switch to some nice jeans? Our reservation is for 9:30. We're coming in from Ontario and planning to walk around and have drinks in the sun, so I need to know what to pack if we have to change.

So excited to be finally trying this place. It's a foodie weekend in Montreal!


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  1. sometimes airconditioned restos can by cool, cant tell you about joe beef specifically but hope you will share your impressions about the food discussion with anthony bourdain

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    1. re: mangoannie

      Thanks, I will post about the discussion if it's of interest to people.
      Hubby has already told me he's changing into jeans for dinner so I guess I will too.


      1. re: mangoannie

        Bourdain is on his "Guts & Glory" tour, but apparently (to me) it never arrived in Montreal.
        The event I saw was the Dave and Fred Show with questions to (mostly) Bourdain at the end...
        I was disappointed.

        1. re: porker

          dave and fred make way too many public appearances. i'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. i went to his first appearance at theatre corona and found it lackluster.

          1. re: catroast

            Yup, hubby was totally bored from the beginning and we stuck it out to about 15 minutes into the Q&A ~ when one of the questions was, what's your favourite cereal, we were out of there.

            I actually found Bourdain a little pretentious last night ~ maybe all three of them are forgetting that without the blogging hipsters clamoring to get into their restaurant and buy their books and watch their show, they wouldn't be such a huge success.

            1. re: parisjo

              How was your meal at Joe Beef parisjo?

              1. re: unlaced

                It was pretty awesome. We sat at the bar and chatted with the guy from Toronto who was in for his birthday and the little hottie behind the oyster bar. I had the half double down and it was like sex on a plate ~ so decadently good, I licked up the errant left over maple syrup with my index finger. Hubby had the eel nuggets and a couple of urchins. Then I went all out and did the best I could on the monster lobster spaghetti ~ I did think it was a tad salty, but the lobster was sweet and meaty. There may have been noodles left on that plate, but this crustacean didn't give up his life his vain. Den had the horse tornado (in honour of this weekend's Kentucky Derby, lol) which was melt in your mouth tender. We split a pistachio eclair, 2 glasses of an Italian rose for me and a Joe Beef Caesar and Joe Beef beer for Den.
                The atmosphere is very laid back and casual. I loved sitting at the bar and would do it again, but I'd have to cut down on the gluttony a bit since it caught up with me the next day. I loved Fred and Dave's food and the atmosphere they've created, but I can't eat like this every day so it will be a while before we are back ~ but back we will be.

            2. re: catroast

              Don't get me wrong, I actually like Frederic Morin (he was once a friend, but thats a different story...)
              Dave is quite opinionated and thats part of his nature.

              I went to the show (we've been to his last appearance @ the Corona as well) expecting to see and listen to Anthony Bourdain. Instead, we got to listen to Fred & Dave.

              They did a spoof of a game show like Jeopardy, where Bourdain was the moderator asking questions. Fred or Dave would buzz in and answer the question.
              Anyone could have played the part of the moderator - being Anthony Bourdain did not bring much to the table.

              The question period did involve Bourdain, but as parisjo points out, the questions were mostly dribble.

              1. re: porker

                I went to his book signing at Indigo sometime in the mid 2000s. There was a Q&A where Westmount housewives asked questions like what is your favorite sushi roll. I was just about done with him even back then!

                1. re: catroast

                  It certainly left an impression, I've heard you mention your disdain of W housewives before in the events thread. Do they wear a sign?

          2. cargo shorts are fine but i personally would not wear shorts out to eat anywhere but on a terrace. not to mention that it will be 11 degrees tonight and the theater will probably be air conditioned

            1. I pass Joe Beef every night for several years and I have NEVER seen anyone in shorts.

              In a recent interview with the owner he didn't seem to impressed with folks being too casual.
              He said he held the line at folks in baseball caps, at which time he would approach the table and ask them to remove their cap.

              I think you would be better suited wearing a pair of jeans.

              Plus the temp can really drop later in the evening.

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              1. re: InterFoodie

                Cargo shorts are better for cafe eating, not Joe Beef. Dress shorts would be ok though.

                1. re: williej

                  No worries, I think I was rushing summer and forgot that even though it was 25 today, it will drop back to 10 tonight, lol. Jeans and nice tops for both of us and Den would never wear a baseball cap for dinner anywhere.

                  Thanks for the feedback,


              2. Dress to impress... with an extra size or two on the pants.

                1. i've worn a tuxedo to joe beef as well as a t-shirt and shorts.. shorts many many times... anything goes, as long as you put some effort into it IMO.