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Spot Prawns season started?

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I'm in Vancouver for today and am hoping to eat spot prawns (missed the festival by one week). Has the season started and if so, where would I be able to eat some either at a restaurant or bought to cook? I'm hoping that Go Fish! on Granville Island will have some but I'm open for suggestions!

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  1. I believe it starts next week on May 11th. I has already started (today actually) in Washington State (where they correctly call them Spot "Shrimp".)

    1. Yep i was told it is May 12th but it could be May 11th like fmed mentioned otherwise looking forward to it..Yummmmm!

      1. I heard that it actually officially started today.

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          Yes I saw Prawners leaving the harbour this AM.

        2. Kits Daily Kitchen is offering a couple of dishes on today's menu - a ceviche starter and butter poached main

          1. Supposedly first boats are going to be in tonight. I hear it's going to be a pretty short season as well so expect higher prices.

            1. Just got back from the GI docks with 6lbs. They are larger this year and look great! Gonna toss them in some oil with garlic and salt and throw them on a hot grill for moms day tonight. Woo Hoo! :)

              Happy Mom's day to all moms out there. Cheers.

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                Can you tell me how much they cost per pound Jzone?

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                  They were $14 lb. That might be because it was day 2 so they could hit $12 in the next week or two.

                  As a follow up they turned out perfectly and we all over ate just a little :)

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                    $14.99/lb @ Gar Lock on E Georgia St in Chinatown-ditto @ the place on Gore St- T&T was $15.88/lb IIRC.

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                      A big boo to all the fish mongers and retailers who jacked up the price for Mother's Day - T&T "special" price was $18.88 yesterday, and Oakridge Fish Market did the same, rising from $15 to $18-19.00. Hate when they do that.

              2. $13.99 /lb at T&T Richmond today. (May 17th)
                Had chick lobster @ $7.99 each and HUGE old lobster at $7.99/lb.
                One claw missing Dungeoness at $5.99/lb
                And other odd (although tasty looking) crab at $7.99/lb