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Spot Prawns season started?

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I'm in Vancouver for today and am hoping to eat spot prawns (missed the festival by one week). Has the season started and if so, where would I be able to eat some either at a restaurant or bought to cook? I'm hoping that Go Fish! on Granville Island will have some but I'm open for suggestions!

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  1. I believe it starts next week on May 11th. I has already started (today actually) in Washington State (where they correctly call them Spot "Shrimp".)

    1. Yep i was told it is May 12th but it could be May 11th like fmed mentioned otherwise looking forward to it..Yummmmm!

      1. I heard that it actually officially started today.

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          Yes I saw Prawners leaving the harbour this AM.

        2. Kits Daily Kitchen is offering a couple of dishes on today's menu - a ceviche starter and butter poached main

          1. Supposedly first boats are going to be in tonight. I hear it's going to be a pretty short season as well so expect higher prices.