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May 4, 2013 06:23 AM

Black sheep pizza

Looks like bs doesn't get much love now that lola is the rage. How does their pizza hold up for takeout?

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  1. I've snagged a pizza via take out from Robert St. every couple of weeks since they opened in St. Paul. I've never had an issue (8 min drive home).

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      Same here, except I'm a little closer than you. The #5 never fails to satisfy!

    2. We live about 15 minutes away, and have concluded it's best in the shop rather than for takeout.

      1. In my experience the shops that use fresh quality ingredients with oils and certain cheeses do not hold up (time wise) as much against say a Davannis or other local chain that potentially uses stuff with more preservatives. I find the shelf life of quality ingredient pizza to be much less than other, and also reheats to a lesser quality....but that is not taking away from fresh good quality....its just the argument of fresh/super tasty/healthier vs longer lasting shelf stable ingredients. I can't even take Black sheep on a 20 minute drive back to my house without noticing quality differences. But I love it in store. My opinion only.