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Lan Chi's Vietnamese Restaurant (Middletown, CT)

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We have a new Vietnamese restaurant downtown (next to Luce's) and it's EXCELLENT. A terrific trend in downtown dining options--so many new and tasty options from which to choose. Anyone else been?

The pho is excellent, as is the spicy tofu lemongrass dish. The pork egg rolls are delicious, too. I've yet to try a dish I haven't liked. Their drinks are creative, too. My favorite so far is the Hanoi Bling (gin, Cointreau and lychee)--or the Yum Chata as a drink for dessert (have you ever had a drink with grilled pineapple?). If you like it hot (we do!), try the Hanoi Heat for something different.

Nice, calming vibe here--great place to unwind after a long day. And it's run by a friendly husband and wife team.


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  1. kattyeyes,
    Walking out the door for Mothers day lunch. We always do Asian on mothers day 'cause we can always get in. I'll report back!


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      :D And the sun came out, too! I hope you enjoy and look forward to your report!