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Need 70's Better Homes & Gardens pistachio chocolate candy recipe

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I'm looking for a recipe for a homemade fudge candy that my mother made one winter when I was very young. It was layered with a buttery chocolate on the bottom and a pistachio layer on top. It was a pretty green color on top. Mom thinks she got the recipe from BH&G. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  1. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&am...

    best to search my image! there are a gazillion recipes for pistachio choc fudge...maybe a picture while jog a link to the recipe.

    1. I was married in 1970. My BH&G cookbook has a copyright date of 1968. Nothing like that recipe in the cookbook. I also checked another general cookbook of that era and didn't find anything. I agree, check the photos to see if there is anything that looks like what you remember.

      1. Thanks for your help. I should have mentioned the recipe came from an issue of BH&G magazine some time between 1970 to 1977. I'll try to do an image search. Thanks again.

        1. just out of interest, i checked in a vintage 1973 or so copy of their recipe BOOK (the red checkered one) --- no results, sorry.

          someone must have B H & G on microfiche at the least!

          B H & G mag - it's iconic - a bastion of North American life the way it was - and certainly it was how i learned to cook as a child. i had the kid version (so grown up, just like mom's!) of the famous red gingham cookbook - so proud of it. Definitely a different world back then.

          (remember how big (as in flat dimensions, way bigger than mags these days - LIFE mag was similar back then) the mag was in those days - and they always had a page or two of a pair of recipes side by side that had little scissor icons along the dotted lines - and holes to punch to insert in the respective section of the recipe book binder - that was a highlight as kids - being allowed to cut out the latest recipes and insert them in to the binder - tho like most moms - the last thing she needed was more suggestions - ours had her 10 fav standby busy mom/wife/homemaker/volunteer/worker recipes - no QMR, etc. We still look fwd to those 10 family favs! no wonder.)

          i look fwd to learning more of your search results -

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            My mom had two different editions of the red checkered cookbook. I thought they were amazing when I was a child. I never knew they had a child's version. How awesome that must have been!

            I did try the image search as was suggested, but to no avail. Hopefully someone with the recipe will see this request. Thanks for your reply.

          2. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=B...

            Bratt, other than Google, did u also try a Bing Search, Pinterest or try contacting the magazine?

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              Great ideas. I think I did check Pinterest, too. Didn't occur to me to contact BH&G. Thanks!

            2. I'm reminded of the Watergate Cakes of the mid-1970's that used the green tinted (newly released product) Pistachio Instant Pudding mix. Maybe your fudge recipe also used this pistachio instant pudding in the top layer?

              Could this recipe be similar?

              Pistachio Bar Dessert

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                No, it's more like a layered fudge. But this looks good too. I haven't had Watergate Cake in years, but I'll have to make it this summer. It's pretty good.