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May 4, 2013 05:29 AM

Need 70's Better Homes & Gardens pistachio chocolate candy recipe

I'm looking for a recipe for a homemade fudge candy that my mother made one winter when I was very young. It was layered with a buttery chocolate on the bottom and a pistachio layer on top. It was a pretty green color on top. Mom thinks she got the recipe from BH&G. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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    best to search my image! there are a gazillion recipes for pistachio choc fudge...maybe a picture while jog a link to the recipe.

    1. I was married in 1970. My BH&G cookbook has a copyright date of 1968. Nothing like that recipe in the cookbook. I also checked another general cookbook of that era and didn't find anything. I agree, check the photos to see if there is anything that looks like what you remember.

      1. Thanks for your help. I should have mentioned the recipe came from an issue of BH&G magazine some time between 1970 to 1977. I'll try to do an image search. Thanks again.

        1. just out of interest, i checked in a vintage 1973 or so copy of their recipe BOOK (the red checkered one) --- no results, sorry.

          someone must have B H & G on microfiche at the least!

          B H & G mag - it's iconic - a bastion of North American life the way it was - and certainly it was how i learned to cook as a child. i had the kid version (so grown up, just like mom's!) of the famous red gingham cookbook - so proud of it. Definitely a different world back then.

          (remember how big (as in flat dimensions, way bigger than mags these days - LIFE mag was similar back then) the mag was in those days - and they always had a page or two of a pair of recipes side by side that had little scissor icons along the dotted lines - and holes to punch to insert in the respective section of the recipe book binder - that was a highlight as kids - being allowed to cut out the latest recipes and insert them in to the binder - tho like most moms - the last thing she needed was more suggestions - ours had her 10 fav standby busy mom/wife/homemaker/volunteer/worker recipes - no QMR, etc. We still look fwd to those 10 family favs! no wonder.)

          i look fwd to learning more of your search results -

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            My mom had two different editions of the red checkered cookbook. I thought they were amazing when I was a child. I never knew they had a child's version. How awesome that must have been!

            I did try the image search as was suggested, but to no avail. Hopefully someone with the recipe will see this request. Thanks for your reply.


            Bratt, other than Google, did u also try a Bing Search, Pinterest or try contacting the magazine?

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              Great ideas. I think I did check Pinterest, too. Didn't occur to me to contact BH&G. Thanks!