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May 3, 2013 11:16 PM

good sushi place with decent veg options?

this might be non-existent :) but what are some places with good sushi (for a meat eater), that also has decent veg options (meaning not just boring cucumber rolls). the veg options don't have to just be sushi, or even sushi at all.

downtown preferred but not essential.


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  1. kingyo looks like a good option. excited to see they have a vegan section on their menu! is the stone bowl mushroom tofu with meat stock then (it's not in that section)?

    1. I'm veggie and I like Kokyo at Yonge & Alexander. The have a couple of veggie special rolls that have avocado on top.

      Mazz Sushi on Bloor near Dovercourt has a tempura shiitake roll I enjoy:

      I've really like the things I've gotten at To-ne Sushi on Queen near Spadina (and they're beautifully presented):

      1. I also like Kingyo. Their salads are flavourful and light. There are always several vegetarian daily specials as well.

        Solo on Grosvenor and Yonge is a phenomenal sushi bar. My vegetarian coworker swears by their veg sushi set.

        ND sushi on Baldwin has quite a sizeable list of vegetarian rolls. I enjoyed their vegetarian futomaki and inarizushi.