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May 3, 2013 08:55 PM

Lamb chops / rack of lamb Downtown for Mom?

I am coming in for a special meal for Mom (NOT Mother's Day, thank goodness). My mother is a lambhound. We have done Zahav's shoulder, but what she REALLY craves is a rack all to herself, or a plate of big, rich, juicy, chops. It doesn't matter HOW bad or overpriced the steakhouse sides are if her meat is good.
My brother is a vegan, so we cannot do it at his place, and I don't think I can grill off the balcony of the hotel room.

I cannot tell one steakhouse from another, except that Barclay Prime has uncomfortable seating. We have done Butcher and SInger and Union Trust, both very credible. And if the consensus here is that one , or both ,of them is still a better choice than the national chains, I will cheerfully accept the ChowCrowd's opinion.

She had a disappointing meal at Davio's last year, and has never been to Capitol Grill.


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  1. Surprisingly a place named Prime Rib makes an excellent rack of lamb. Located in the Warwick Hotel on Rittenhouse Square, your mother will enjoy it.

    It does make me wish that Deux Cheminee were still around as their rack of lamb (along with the lamb at Evermay on the Delaware) was divine.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      "It does make me wish that Deux Cheminee were still around as their rack of lamb . . . was divine."

      That was a fine dish and a wonderful place.

    2. Deep six Capital Grille.
      I would have recommended Barclay Prime in a heartbeat but you're right, the seats are uncomfortable and if you are short -- forget it -- your nose comes up to the table top.
      How about Prime Rib?

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        And I am suprised arepo didn't mention that Bistro la Minette has a great lamb shoulder on their spring menu right now if you prefer a more classical french take on the meat.

      2. I haven't tried them there, but I'm thinking Kanella might be an option. Can anyone else provide any info?

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            Well CW, you must have been peeking around the corner. I actually was there last night (Bistro La Minette) and had another superb meal but I thought the OP was referring to a rack which is quite a different fella from lamb shoulder, good as they make it.
            I actually think Prime Rib's rack would probably please her more in this case.