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May 3, 2013 07:35 PM

Bangkok Minute Doing it Right

In a location that has seen more than it's share of failure, Bangkok Minute is proving the address can be a success. Located on Shelburne Road where Shelburne becomes South Burlington, you will find the best Thai food around. The Ga Pow alone is worth a visit but everything they serve is delicious and fairly priced. And unlike many restaurants in the area, you will be spared the attitude and horrific service that go along with it. Best of luck to new owners Neo on Om!

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  1. OK - I could Google Shelburn Road and Burlington and try to figure out whether this refers to a place in Vermont or Massachusetts (or another locale/state), but for those even more lazy than myself a few clues as to location would be helpful.

    1. Vermont.......10 minutes from Burlington......maybe Chowhound should give Vermont it's own page to make it more obvious........

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        Boston and vicinity already has its own section, doesn't it?