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May 3, 2013 06:16 PM


Anybody been yet? Going this weekend and want to know if anybody has any thoughts.

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  1. Many times.

    Sausages are made in house, as is the head cheese, etc. The classic stuff like the mackerel terrine, liver pate, are some of the best charcuterie in the city.

    The dessert menu, despite having a world class pastry chef in house, is still paltry. If you're lucky, there'll be a souffle special.

    Bring $ for wine because the master sommelier is the hubs, and he will do up pretty serious pairings in both wine and beer, for as many courses as you can think of.

    It is a fantastic place, and deserves 'hound support way more than many of the other "hot" places on the board right now.

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    1. re: TonyC

      Didn't know this place even existed.

      I'll have to hit it up. ESP for the mackerel terrine and the souffle.

      1. re: TonyC

        It would probably get more support from hounds if they had read your experiences with it......

        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

          Gorge is awesome. It's pretty tiny with a couple of good tables by the window so you can people-watch the Whisky a Gogo/Sunset scene walking by. Otherwise, I like the bar seats where you can get some great guidance from Darius as chrishel mentioned (master sommelier). Wines are limited to French and for good reason. Beers are more geographically varied, Craftsman beer on tap as well.

          Favorites for me are the mackerel, the salt cod brandade (don't think it's always on the menu), venison was great, and their sausage dishes. The veggie terrine is also great. Unfortunately, haven't been in a bit so the menu has probably switched up some

          It has always seemed relatively and unfortunately quiet although it can fill up quickly due to the size. The location probably is to blame more than anything since unless you're in that area for another reason it can be a bit of a destination visit. Luckily for me, it's very local.

          Elia Aboumrad, the chef, was on Top Chef. Darius is her husband. Uyen rounds out the group for a real family feel when you're there. Overall a special place with a neighborhood feel and I'm really glad to see it mentioned here!

          Dirtywextraolives, you might be thinking about kevineats rather than kevin who did this writeup:

          Also, looking at his pictures reminds me of how much I also like the frisee salad...

          1. re: LATrapp

            Thanks, but I was referring to the poster TonyC and his comments that he's been there many times, but didn't understand why it wasn't getting any CH press......

      2. I've been a couple of times (on TonyC's recommendation actually), and it's quite glorious. Awesome charcuterie/sausages (which is all naturally-cured/made) and mackerel tartine. Beer/wine pairing are great, and Darius, their extremely knowledgeable somm, got me hooked on this Gavroche ale that's really good. And yeah, there's only the St. Honore on the dessert menu, but it's amazing (and there are 5 varieties at a time). Plus, Uyen is hot :)