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May 3, 2013 05:44 PM

Anything new on Staten Island?

Haven't been on SI in 5 months, are there any new restaurants worth checking out?

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  1. Well, since no one's chimed in yet, I can only say I don't eat out enough here to be much of a resource.

    It doesn't hurt to look into the Staten Island Advance food pages, as they do a rundown of new and/or changed restaurants about once a month. I take their writings with a grain of salt because I think the local paper always tries to be a local business booster. But you CAN find out what places are new.

    Here's the most recent, and you can also find earlier ones online:

    1. Lakrawana, Sri Lankan, continues to get amazing press and is delish! (broad and bay)
      Honor Wines, great new wine shop open RIGHT across the street from the ST. George Post Office at 36 bay street (to the left as you walk out of the ferry) EXCELLENT, COOL, CHEAP selection of wines. They have tastings on Friday after work...(stop by before Lakrawana, to BYOB!!)
      Blu, opened in the old TUGS..great a little salty when I was there
      Simon's Steaks, (street food shack) right across from the ferry to the is hit or miss burgers and philly cheese steak...but when they hit is SOOOOOO juicy and delish and when they miss, cheap enough to forgive!

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        siwinelover, just a note to second your endorsement of Honor Wines. It's such a pleasure finally to have a quality wine shop on the North Shore, and with pleasant, enthusiastic wine lovers staffing it.

        Also, I like both Lakruwana and Sanrasa. One time I had an a la carte curry at Sanrasa that just blew me away. The Sunday buffets at both places are a great deal, too, even for vegetarians.

        Now if I could only find a decent baguette on the island (North Shore) without having to drive to Trader Joe's!

      2. Lakruwana is nice but I think I prefer Sanrasa. Although the former is much prettier, museum like

        1. Agreed about Sanrasa v lakrawana...Sanrasa's closer to my house so do take out from there quite a bit...