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May 3, 2013 04:56 PM

Your favorite in the NW 23rd Area? Recent Wildwood feedback?

We'll be having a surprise celebration for my dad's 70th in a couple weeks, and are looking for a great night out. We'll be staying at the Inn at Northrup Station, and our ideal would be something in that is close there. My folks have always been fans of Wildwood, so that's our fallback, but am wanting other ideas.

Looking for a special occasion place that's not too stuffy, with a wide range of dishes. All organ meats and sushi won't go over well with this group, but other than that, we're pretty eclectic. Thanks!

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  1. My favorites in NW are Wildwood, Paley's, Caffe Mingo.

    1. I agree with Leonardo, but I would probably go to Paley's for this occasion.

      1. Used to love Wildwood. Last time I went, which was one year ago, felt that many others in Portland has surpassed it.

        1. You might want to consider
          Surprisely great food. Monthly, season prix fixe is absolutely an incredible value. We think it is highly under rated in Portland...and the only place we would consider eating dinner at on 23rd.

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            Very curious about sounds great and very reasonable.

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              I agree it is worth checking out and it is EXTREMELY reasonable. However, I am not sure it fits with your dad's 70th and previous recommendations of Paley's Wildwood, etc are actually much closer to Northrup station than Uptown Billiards.

              You should also know that it is located in a pool hall and has no windows. Don't get me wrong, I really like it, but unless your dad would get a kick out of having his birthday dinner at a place with pool tables, it might be better for another occasion. Also, if your family is anything like mine, I would also have to be taking into consideration my mom's opinion on this (even though it is not HER birthday) and the pool hall would not be viewed with favor.... ;-)

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              Thanks for the link to UBC, first I've heard of it. I love the sound of the current regional Mexican menu, and $30 is a steal. Definitely on the list for our fifth trip to Portland next month -- wonder what the theme for June will be??

              And for the OP, we went for lunch at Wildwood last year and were very underwhelmed.

            3. Thanks, all. We went with Wildwood, even with the lukewarm reviews here, just because it is one of Mom and Dad's favorites. All in all, it was a great experience, though the food was uneven. One of the biggest perks of the restaurant was that it was right across from the parking lot from the hotel (and can I highly recommend Inn at Northrup Station here? Fabulous parking and breakfast, rooms are huge and funky with full kitchens, wonderful service).

              Re Wildwood...the service was really friendly and fabulous. I had a great crispy artichoke app, and their bread and butter were wonderful. I went with the samosa for my entree, which was meh. The steak and chicken and halibut all had raves from the rest of my table, and my teenager was thrilled with her cheese pizza. Portions were oddly huge.

              Dessert was amazing. I had the butterscotch pot de creme, which was one of my favorite things ever. It was surprisingly a cube, not in a pot, and was incredibly flavorful and light, covered with a chocolate ganache. Amazing.

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                Glad to hear it was a success, despite the unevenness. And thanks for the tip about the Inn. We like Park Lane Inn and Suites in the SW just across Burnside but it's great to have another option in that general vicinity.