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May 3, 2013 04:55 PM

Ginger Beer

I know there has been some threads in the past but search wasn't helping me much. Where can I readily find some good ginger beer?

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  1. I think that's pretty difficult right now. The good brands are either out of business or no longer sell in the Twin Cities. (I'm thinking of Old Tyme Jamaican Style, Cock & Bull, and Stewart's.) Even Target has stopped making their Archer Farms ginger beer, which was pretty passable. Cost Plus World Market used to occasionally carry Bundaberg ginger beer from Australia. You could check with them.

    There may be some locally-brewed options just sold at restaurants. Off the top of my head, Big Bowl makes their own, and it's not bad. I think there may be a few other places that do craft cocktails and make their own ginger beer, but I can't tell you which ones offhand.

    Good luck and report back!

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      I saw today that they carry Cock & Bull at Clancey's in Linden Hills.

    2. I think the "ginger runner" that Tilia makes is awesome. A server described how they prep the mix to me once - lots of ginger and lime involved, plus some tamarind and other stuff. My personal favorite.

      As for stuff in a bottle, Goose Island makes a decent one (I've seen it at Byerly's). Also, if you can find it, Glewwe Castle makes some great ginger beer as well as ginger ale. Definitely satisfying if you're craving really intense ginger flavor. They're friendly folks, and you can either set up a visit of their operation in Prior Lake or look for them at some farmer's markets: http://www.glewwe-castle.com/sales/in...

      Good luck!

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        TFT, the tamarind sounds like a really tasty addition to a ginger drink. Do you remember what any of the "other stuff" is?

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          Unfortunately no, but I'll be sure to ask next time I go (hopefully soon - hehe). I believe cane sugar, tamarind, ginger, and lime are at least the primary players though.

      2. I believe you should find Ginger Beer at Byerly's - Feintemen's has a ginger beer, I believe I've seen Gosling's and Reed's at various Lunds/Byerly's also.
        I believe I've had a ginger beer mocktail at Cafe Maude, and ordered a Gosling's at Bar La Grassa.
        Happy Hunting.

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          Gosling's would be my first choice as well. That would be for making cocktails, specifically.

        2. I believe the Dark and Spicy at Parlour is made with a house-made ginger beer. It's heavy on the spices, but that may have been from the rum.

          1. Pour Decisions Brewing Co. makes an amazing ginger beer which is available at their taproom....