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Dinner/lunch near Arizona Biltmore

I'm going to be in Phoenix (from Houston) for a conference and need suggestions for meals near the Arizona Biltmore. I won't have a car, so something a sub-$20 one way taxi ride would be great. No real budget, but most likely I will be solo dining, so nothing group oriented. I don't have any specific preferences regarding cuisine type.

I have dinner on Sunday and Tuesday to fill and lunch on Monday and Wednesday. I have about 2 hours scheduled for lunch, but there will be 1500 people at my conference, so places really close to the hotel will probably be busy.

Already scheduled:
Lunch at pizzeria bianco
Dinner at Lon's

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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  1. Since you're going to be at the Biltmore, do try Frank and
    Albert's - it's very good.


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    1. re: JerryMe

      A friend recommended that as well - just worried with so many conference people staying at the hotel, that it will be super busy/loud.

      I hate being rushed at dinner, and I'm sure it will be interrupeted several times if I eat at the conference hotel.

      1. re: stockboy85

        We have had and hosted several dinners at Wright's at the Biltmore (a bit upscale and up-price from Frank & Albert's), and each event was very good. No rush, whatsoever.



    2. Stayed many times at the Biltmore and make sure you stay in the new section, Ocatilla, with the club privileges with food and drink.
      Rooms are newer.

      Shuttle service to the mall hourly..probably could tip the guy to drop you off at the resorts along the way and call when ready..

      Concur with Jerry on Frank and Alberts..decent happy hour

      Royal Palms down the street has a great piano bar with Dwight on the keys and a gorgeous resort at T. Cooks..great drinks and app's.

      Montelucia resort on the backside of the resort, Prado is great for HH and hanging out.

      Lon's is wonderful and Pizzeria Bianco is fab.

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        Sadly, I don't get a choice in rooms. All of the Villas and suites have been reserved for corporate parties and the conference is controlling the rest of the room reservations.

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          I'm a big fan of Lon's and Pizzeria Bianco too.

          T.Cook's is undergoing a summer renovation. They won't be opening until the fall.


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            Rubee, we had brunch at T.Cooks just before the summer closing. Breakfast and dinner, along with some light offerings will be available at Cervantes Bistro but there will not be a "real" lunch menu available until the re-opening. FYI in case someone wants to make a lunch reservation.

              1. re: misohungrychewlow

                The safest bet would be to call and ask. I know the restrooms are being refurbished as well as the dining room. That is awfully close to the bar area, so my guess would be the bar in that location will be closed for the summer.
                Aside -- the bartender told us that Dwight has retired and no longer plays in the bar.

        2. There are a number of restaurants at the nearby mall but none that I would go out of my way for. At 24th Street and Osborn is newly opened Bink's from Chef Kevin Binkley of Binkley's in Cave Creek. Definitely worth a visit. At 32nd Street and Camelback is Central Bistro that I've found to be a cut above anything at the mall. Down on Indian School at about 36th Street is Beckett's Table which is excellent. None of these would be considered on the tourist circuit and are really designed as neihborhood restaurants. All are top notch.

          1. I have lived in the Biltmore area for 35 years.
            I really think you will like:
            1) Tarbell's at 32nd Street & Camelback.
            2) Vincent's Bistro at 40th & Camelback
            3) BLT at Camelback Inn 54th ST & Lincoln Drive

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              1. re: Beach Chick

                I have to disagree unfortunately. Although all those options are good I don't think any of them are really exciting/innovative spots. Tarbell's and Vincent's have been in Phoenix forever but I didn't find the menu at Tarbell's interesting both times I've been there over the past year or two. And Vincent's has been getting mixed reviews for awhile. You won't be disappointed but Phoenix has better to offer.

                I'd recommend Noca and Crudo for a dinner, lunch at Delux or The Grind if you like burgers (some of the best in town).

                Also, Pizzeria Bianco is now opening another location very close to hotel - formerly called Italian Restaurant, not sure if it is open yet but check on that as it will be $10 cab ride vs. $30 or so each way.

                1. re: PHXeater

                  Tarbells changes out some of the main courses several times a year. They pour a good drink there too, and I recomend sitting at the bar.

                  Not to big on Noca (pretty food, so so quality)....sorry to disagree Beach Chick. Have not tried Crudo, so I will give it a whirl; thanks for sharing

                  Delux has best fries in town (always hot) and a really n ice beer selection. Hive been eating at Vincent's Bistro for years and can't beleive how darned good it is especially for the price. Breakfast is outstandoing at Vincent's Bistro; don't miss that..
                  Bianco will not disappoint.

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                    No worries John...didn't recommend Noca.
                    ; )

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                    Pizzeria Bianco's second location is already open - we are having a corporate lunch there one day, but if it is as good as everyone says it is, I may go back by myself for dinner one evening.

                    1. re: stockboy85

                      Sorry to disagree with the disagreers but Tarbell's and BLT are great. Maybe the menus aren't cutting edge, but the quality and prep is allways fantastic as is the service.

                      There's also a new Del Frisco's at 24th and Camelback, and for a high end chain they do great food. Chef has a lot of freedom apparently.

                      Also the standard recommendation of Richardson's must be made. great New Mexican food, good green chili!

                      1. re: kmarg

                        Check out the Del Frisco's. I think that it is a scaled-back version of the mini-chain steakhouse.


                        1. re: Bill Hunt

                          Del Friscos is good, patio is fantastic and their wine room is very cool as well as well stocked. I only had brunch, but the chicken and waffles with bacon was fantastic. Worth a try. They are national out of Dallas I think, but only 7 stores so a bit of local preference creeps in. Manager is an old friend from the biz and has lots of experience at CG and Roka Akor.

                    2. re: PHXeater

                      We had lunch today at the Town & Country location of Pizzeria Bianco [Trattoria Bianco] at 20th & Camelback. The pizza is as good as the original location and very close to your Biltmore location.

                2. For casual lunch I think Gallo Blanco, Postino, Cibo, La Condesa and America's Taco Shop are worthwhile and within your taxi budget.

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                    1. There's a good place right in the lobby for lunch. Also, TCooks is nearby and it is very good, pricey though.

                      1. I am shocked nobody mentioned The Parlor, The Grind, or even St. Francis- all very close to the Biltmore. Parlor is literally right down the street. Parlor's pizza destroys Bianco and the food is some of the best in the valley.

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                        1. re: danieli10

                          The Parlor is good for drinks, apps and HH.

                          But I would avoid their pizzas, don't like their house mixed cheese concoction, nor do I trust skills with the oven when it comes to baking pies.

                          The Parlour is like so many places around the Biltmore (and N. Scottsdale) -- a place to be seen and to see.

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            Disagree 100%!!! Where are you going?

                            Not the same place as me and my family.

                            I see families there all night long and the pizzas are fabulous - the best or one of the best in the valley.

                            We can agree to disagree, but I believe you have completely mischaracterized the place.

                            1. re: danieli10

                              I disagree with you both.

                              To my taste, The Parlor has turned out decent-to-good pies on my visits, none of which have come close to "crushing" Bianco's pizza. I enjoyed them, but I just happen to like Bianco's (and Pomo's) pies a lot more. Other parts of The Parlor's menu usually appeal to me more than the pizza.

                              But yeah, on my visits I see plenty of families and just plain old regular folks who are there to eat and not to make the scene. Our SoCal friend might be confused because some of the patrons are from the nearby Biltmore and Arcadia neighborhoods, both of which tend to feed some of the actual seen-and-be-seen joints around town.

                              1. re: danieli10

                                Well, I guess I should consider myself lucky.

                                At least I got good eye candy.

                              2. re: ipsedixit

                                Danieli I am with you on this one

                                I will have to say I really enjoy Parlour's pizza's (the salami
                                one and potato one are both great)

                                They make a solid cocktail as well, and the sandwiches for lunch are good, I have yet to have something that has not been very good to excellent there

                                Federal Pizza "Big Star" pizza is pretty amazing the crust is slightly better than Parlour IMO but I like both places - if I had to pick one overall I would probably go with Parlour

                                Bianco is good but I don't think it is vastly superior (or possibly even superior) to either of the two places above, although I haven't been there very recently but with the new location by the Biltmore I will remedy that soon

                                Pig and Pickle is not really that close to Biltmore FYI to fit in with the $10 cab ride each way, but a great place nonetheless cab ride might be more like $20ish each way

                            2. So it looks like the final choices are:

                              pizzeria bianco
                              Pig and Pickle
                              Lo Lo's Chicken and Waffles
                              Frank and Albert
                              Bink's Midtown

                              Thanks for the help everyone!

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                              1. re: stockboy85

                                Oh! Good choices! Enjoy! I don't think you'll be disappointed.

                                1. re: stockboy85

                                  Nice! You've made a great list out of everyone's excellent suggestions.

                                  Haven't been to Lo Lo's yet, enjoyed a nice Happy Hour at Frank and Albert's, though not with the current chef, and am definitely a fan of all the others you've decided on.

                                2. I ended up having a great time.

                                  Spent Sunday night at Bink Midtown. There were a few dishes that were misses (the foie parfait was weird and the sprouts were too charred), but otherwise, it was a great meal.

                                  Pig and Pickle was excellent and Pizzeria Bianco was a great way to end the trip (ate there on the way to the airport).

                                  I ended up getting to have drinks at Sanctuary and TCooks on the way to other events, so while I didn't get to eat anything, I got to have a few drinks and soak up the view.

                                  Thanks again everyone for the recommendations!