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May 3, 2013 04:15 PM

A couple meals in Boston for SoCal Hound

Hi all,

I'm flying into Boston Sunday afternoon for a job interview on Monday (I'll be leaving Tuesday afternoon). I'm going to be staying near the Pru and am looking for a couple good meals during my trip. Anything within walking distance would be great, but I'm happy to take a short trip on the T if necessary. I'll most likely be dining solo, so a place with a bar that's friendly for a solo traveler would be great.

Food-wise, I'm open to all all sorts of recommendations--I love all international cuisines and get to try a plethora of them out here in CA. I'll be having 2 dinners and 1 lunch. Price-wise, cheap is great, but I don't mind something a bit more expensive so long as it's not too formal. (ICOB perhaps? Or something along those lines?)

Thanks so much!

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  1. ICOB should be a stop for you!

    Good luck w/ the interview, btw.

    1. When you come into Boston from the airport you will pass right by the North End. Don't know about your timing but I would send you to our iconic Pizzeria Regina or Neptune Oyster ,for an early dinner/late lunch with less likelihood of a waiting line. Then head straight to your hotel or walk around the North End or Quincy Market on the way.

      The South End is your best choice for your other dinner; (prob the densest restnt scene in Boston, and lots of good spots. My suggestions would be Aquitaine(French), Coppa, and Toro(small plates; tapas and paella).
      Do a CH Search for them and many threads will come up.
      Close by In the Back Bay, some 5 blocks from your hotel , is the v cosmopolitan Sonsie; handsome room, lively bar scene, excellent seasonal food.
      Best of luck on your interview.

      1. Walking distance from the Pru - Salty Pig is stellar if you enjoy meat and cheeses. It's a nice menu, but also fairly priced.

        Eastern Standard, near ICOB, is also a destination both for lunch and dinner. That hotel also has a great cocktail bar called the Hawthorne.

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          just fyi, this poster departed boston today, tues. 5/7/13

        2. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone!

          It was a whirlwind, so I wasn't able to get to all the places I might have hoped for. I did make my way over to ICOB--only to find it full at 6:15 even at the bar. The perils of dining there on the day of a Sox game, I guess.

          I did have a nice dinner at Russell House Tavern in Cambridge. Enjoyed the seared scallops and nice cocktails, too.

          With any luck, I'll be back to try some more.

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            yes, knockin' on wood for your interview. If you do move here,let us know how we can help with allthingsfood.

          2. cheap is good, and cheap usually means to me oriental.

            i recommend east ocean seafood, rod dee in porter square, montien is a reasonable walk. if you hit the green line, you can get to sichuan gourmet which is my favorite sichuan place.