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May 3, 2013 03:17 PM

Looking for wines (or beers) as sweet as Manischewitz wine

I'm in the mood for some alcohol tonight. Something really sweet. I've had Manischewitz before, and that's about the right amount of sweetness I long for. I've been trying various white and red wines at the grocery store that are suppose to be sweet, and I can't find anything that tastes even remotely sweet to me. I'm going to head off to the liquor store later, can you give me any recommendations?

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  1. Even the ones labeled "Sweet red" aren't sweet enough?

    How about moscato?

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    1. re: pinehurst

      I have a pink moscato in the fridge that doesn't taste sweet to me at all.

    2. Wild Irish Rose (and no, it's not rosé)

      jeez MD 20/20 and get good and ripped and hungover. or just add confectioners sugar to anything...

      1. Very sweet beer: Dogfish WorldWide Stout... you might mistake it for a vintage port...

        Sweet wines: almost any "dessert" wine: late harvest rieslings, sauternes, dessert muscats of all sorts... no shortage there.

        1. Manischewitz has 17% sugar, partly residual and partly added corn syrup or (for Passover) cane sugar. You could just add sugar to a sweet wine.

          I think only ice wines and dessert wines made from highly botrytisized grapes (e.g. German trockenbeerenausleses) have that level of sugar.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            HFCS, seriously? There should be a law against it being labeled as wine. Call it what it is .... friggin' adult soda pop.

            Of course it's a losing battle, since we're being marketed bottled "Diet Water", meat and salad flavored waters, and my personal favorite "Caffeinated Water" .... didn't we use to call that coffee or tea?

            Just my $0.20 (and worth far less than the before inflation adjustment)

          2. How about a good dry wine alongside a bowl of sugar?

            (Some days I just can't help myself)