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May 3, 2013 02:57 PM

What style of Eggplant Parm do you like and from where?

Once saw a Bobby Flay Throwdown on Eggplant Parm and people were very passionate about their styles.. whether its thin sliced, thick rings, skin off, skin on, fried, not fried,etc etc. Hubby and I have always preferred the type that almost like a casserole, fluffy and lasagna-like with very very thin slices, not seedy, lightly coated and fried and then layered with mozzarella and sauce, but this seems harder to come by then the thick rings plopped over pasta.

Our go-to lately has been Sonny Notos, the Wakefield one, but I imagine E. Boston is the same. We get it with linguini and it comes on a giant platter. Its not a casserole type but it very thin skinless horizontal slices, not rings, delicately breaded and fried crispy on the edges but soft in the middle with layers of some whole milk mozz, so its creamy and not tough or stringy cheese and we request it topped with some extra mozz. Their sauce is good too, a tiny bit watery on the edges but their giant slabs of bread soak that up just fine. For 9.99 with the pasta, its huge for two people to tackle, or we get a salad to pretend its healthy, or just go crazy and get steak fries on the side, which they do very well. Its counter service and casual but comfortable. Its been years but I remember liking Felicias too, and I think we liked Bacci in Stoneham (the restaurant, not the pizza shop) Actually I think I recall Brothers Kouzina, which is actually a greek place, making decent eggplant parm. Always up for finding a new spot, esp North of Boston.

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  1. I really like the eggplant at Kitty's in North Reading. It's been there forever (and the inside decor is stuck in 1970), but the food is solid.

    The eggplant rollatini is light and generously stuffed, and the eggplant parm is gorgeous and meaty, with a crunchy golden crust and very good, very garlicky red sauce. I'm a huge fan.

    We get these and sub a side of greens/garlic/olive oil for the pasta since H doesn't eat pasta, and we're happy, and have leftovers for lunch the next day.

    1. The style of EP that i hate is the mushy style. The style i love sounds like your fav- thin, skin on, crispy/just fried and sauced and cheese'd and run under the salamander til hot and melted. Best EP i ever had was our one time at Gran Gusto. Seem we may have some new spots to try, so thk you.

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        where is gran gusto? btw, just so you know, the ones I mentioned prob don't have skin on..

      2. I like Vinny's in Somerville, they are light and crisp and Vinny's has a great sauce.

        1. Not a huge fan but my husband loves both veal and eggplant parm. Heck he'll eat anything covered in sauce and cheese!

          In our neck of the woods he enjoys Bellas in Rockland and Trattoria San Pietro in Norwell. Eggplant is thin and crispy, not greasy with really good sauce and plenty of cheese. Portions are big and come with a side of pasta.

          I love Bella's eggplant rollatini and they have one of the best red sauces in the area. They sell containers of it so which is great when I am in a pinch.

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            Wow, I haven't thought about Bella's in ages but I do recall that they had good eggplant parm,as well as, good bar pizzas. I would add the eggplant parm appetizer at llPanino in the North End. Their version is thin layers probably about seven layers stacked and sliced in a wedge. The result is a more delicate version, with the eggplant dominant rather than the sauce and cheese.

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              Bella is real neighborhood gem. I think people often drive by thinking it’s part of the hotel. I just had one of their thin crust pizza's with my son the other night. We topped it caramelized onions, spinach and artichoke hearts. It was cooked perfectly and we devoured it. He got a side of meatballs that were big, yet tender and full of flavor. They would have been great on the pizza! next time....

          2. Thanks for the heads up. I love eggplant parm, and it sounds like Sonny Notos is great- I have had chicken parm from there, and liked it. I also want to try the eggplant parm at Alfredos in Melrose. Their chicken parm with linguine is really good, and my mom loves their fried scallop dinner. Have not had their pizza, but that looks good,too. Will post back if I get there soon.