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May 3, 2013 02:53 PM

Prime rib dinner Sunday night, but where?

Savoy Grill? Better suggestions?

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  1. Hawksmoor Seven Dials. They do a Sunday Roast, but it's oven slow roasted rump. Or you can order a bone in prime rib to share, with the roast trimmings as a side.

    1. Thank you! After my post I did a bit of research and booked Hawksmore. So pleased you recommend! However, I booked the one on Air Street for logistical reasons. Do you think Seven Dials location a better choice?

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      1. re: susany

        I had a terrific meal at the Air St location BUT the service was crap and the room was pretty empty so it didn't have the best atmosphere ever!

        1. re: brokentelephone

          Thank you. May rethink to Seven Dials location.

          1. re: susany

            I'm not so sure the Air Street would be busy on a Sunday night so it could be a bit less exciting than a 7 Dials, but I did really enjoy my food, and the service is unlikely to be as 'crap' as mine was -- mostly, the server thought we were friends rather than in a business transaction (I blame my endless charm).

      2. I can't recall seeing rib as a Sunday roast, except when I've visited America. More common would be sirloin or, as a cheaper option, topside.

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        1. re: Harters

          Hawksmoor menu has a "bone-in" prime rib.

          1. re: susany

            Thanks, Yep, I'd spotted the posts upthread. A 400 mile round trip might be a bit of a schlep for a Sunday lunch :-)

            Interesting they use the word "prime". Is the meat an American import then? Or is it just a marketing term by Hawksmoor?

        2. I'm thinking that the bone-in Prime Rib will be served more as a steak than perhaps what you're used to (i.e., a standing rib roast served at an American restaurant where slices are cut off of a large pre-cooked piece of meatt).

          I had the Sunday roast @ the 7 Dials location and was a bit disappointed. To keep costs down they use a rump rather than a rib-eye which left it far less tender and fatty than I anticipated (or am used to). Considering the cost of full steaks there you'd think that someone coming in for a Sunday roast might want a top-quality meal rather than a quasi-budget alternative.

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          1. re: brokentelephone

            Thank you for the tip, brokentelephone.

            1. re: brokentelephone

              Yes, brokentelephone, you're quite correct in saying the Prime Rib will be served as a steak.

              The Sunday Roast is very popular, though my personal cut of choice would never be the rump. It is a very flavourful and lean cut, and their method of cooking should leave it quite tender, if ordered pink (you're given a choice of pink or well done).

              As far as atmosphere and service go, I would pick the Seven Dials location. It isn't much further than Air Street, and has a more intimate feel.