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Any restaurants serve lemon cake?

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Meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow night and I'm craving lemon cake! Any recommendations in Woodland Hills/Sherman Oaks or the Santa Monica/West LA/Venice/Culver City area? The only places I found are Cheesecake Factory and Guido's and I ate at Vito's recently.

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    1. Huckleberry some times has lemon tea cake.

      1. Last time I was at Bestia, they had a wonderful lemon-poppy seed olive oil cake with a sambuca-meyer lemon sorbetto.

        Delicious, light, and very refreshing.

        I would suggest calling to see if it's on the menu.

        1. Marie Calendars has a lemon pie cake that is delicious. It has a light pie crust, filled with the lemon filling from a lemon meringue pie, and topped with lemon cake. Sounds strange, but it really is good. I bought it at the Northridge location. Not sure if it is a seasonal item or if it is available year round.

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            Thanks so much for the tip! I will definitely check out Marie Calendars this weekend and try a piece! Hopefully I can just get a slice and not have to buy the whole pie. It appears to be available for a limited time only. :(

          2. I had the lemon ice box cake at hart and the hunter the other night. quite good, and only 6 bucks which is fairly cheap for a dessert at a spot like that. It was a bit like a lemon meringue pie but with a lemon ice cream under the meringue. Not sure if that is what you are looking for, but thought i'd toss the idea out to you.

            1. Label's deli on pico (near doheny) has a nice moist lemon bundt cake...