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May 3, 2013 12:47 PM

Suggestions for our driving trip [I-90 and I-94 west of Milwaukee]

We will be leaving Milwaukee driving to Seattle around the end of June. This trip will be planned around food and friends and the July 4th holiday. Currently the schedule is to take seven days to reach Seattle.

We are looking for suggestions for restaurants, primarily lunch spots focusing on flavor over location. I'm not sure there is a cuisine or food that we don't love. We are not looking for upscale restaurants as much as great finds for a restaurant. Having said that, upscale isn't out of the question.

At home we typically eat out once a week as I use these driving trips to help me come up with recipes to cook at home. These restaurants will be much of my inspiration for the rest of the year.

We will be taking 90 west, but returning on 94 in order to see different scenery and restaurants. Yes, we've done this drive before. I guess we are lucky that we like to travel by car.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! I will post this in the Great Plains forum as well.

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  1. La Crosse (I-90) - good burgers = Sloopy's Alma Mater, great lunch = Piggy's
    Osseo (I-94) - awesome pie = Norske Nook

    1. Not an eatery, but in Austin MN, there is the Spam Museum. If you are passing by it's worth 45 minutes.

      1. >> I will post this in the Great Plains forum as well.

        The only states along the way in that forum are the two Dakotas. You might want to consider also posting in the Mountain States forum (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho) and possibly Pacific Northwest (for Washington before you reach the Seattle area). Don't forget to indicate in the title where you're looking for recommendations (such as "near I-90 and I-94").

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I'm pretty new here as far as postings go, so I can use all the help I can get. I will post in the other forums as well with a better title! Thanks again.

        2. Last year we stopped in Cambridge, WI, for lunch, and enjoyed the little town. It is a short drive south of I-94, east of Madison. Unfortunately, I can't find the name of the restaurant when I Google; I do remember that it was in an older building with some very lovely landscaping out front (that sounds tame, but it was quite inviting). Food was fine, typical lunch fare, homemade and tasty. Not much between Madison and Delafield along that I-94 stretch.

          North of Madison and west of I-90/94 there is a neat little diner and ice cream parlor in downtown Waunakee. Old building, cool decor,.