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May 3, 2013 12:36 PM

Sushi Yoshitake or Kanesaka?

Headed to Tokyo towards the tail end of our honeymoon and we're debating between lunch at Kanesaka or dinner at Sushi Yoshitake. We already have another reservation for dinner on another night at Sushi Sawada, so was wondering which would be a good complement to the experience.

Based on my research, it seems that Kanesaka and Sawada is similar in style, while Yoshitake seems a bit more progressive. Thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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  1. Your request sounds like a twisty question : sushi Kanesaka/sushi Sawada/sushi Yoshitake. I would be more philosophic, it is not that necessary to look at the injustice of the comparable !
    On my last dinner, one year and a half ago, at sushi Yoshitake, I felt plenty of achievement from the chef, and even it is more personalized sushi, it is still a good dinner to remember ! Well, for sushi Kanesaka, I had the chance to meet Kanesaka San, even if he didn't served me. Now to provide you some info, he is the chef of 3 sushi-yasan in Tokyo, one in Karuizawa (if I am not wrong), and 2 in Singapour .. and is more expensive than Yoshitake(full course) !