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May 3, 2013 12:14 PM

Good eats around the Holiday Inn on Plymouth Rd. & 23? [Ann Arbor, MI]

Hi Hounds! I have friends in staying at the Holiday Inn on the east side of Ann Arbor. Little did I know that this weekend is U of M's graduation! So, I'd like to stay away from campus. I've been checking out a few places, but wanted some recs.

Roger Monk's, Carson's, Umi Sushi have gotten mixed reviews. Anyone tried Cardamom in the Courtyard Shops? It's managed by someone that ran Shalimar, so it's probably pretty decent. We're open to any cuisine.

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  1. good & cheap, no frills-
    Seoul Street for kimchee fries & tacos
    Plymouth & Murfin

    Be Won - Korean (was not good last time there, but usually OK) in same strip mall as Busch's

    Moonwinks in Dixboro for coffeehouse

    1. another idea , drive out Plymouth Rd. to Canton to NeeHee's Indian vegetarian (lots of CH postings), a 15 min. drive through nice countryside.

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        Thanks MM! I have been to Seoul Street and it's good. Really looking for a place that serves adult beverages.

      2. It's the other side of town but not main st.,& not too far. Knights has good food & strong adult beverages! Take Huron to Dexter avoiding Miller Rd. due to construction

        1. I think Carson's does a nice job. BeWon & Seoul Street are both off the hook (aka delicious). Quite good: Ayse's (Turkish) & Nagomi (Japanese, with a few Korean touches).

          1. Cardamom has only been open a week or two and is mobbed—very promising.

            For walkable places, the Middle Eastern resto in the same strip as BeWon is not bad. Agreed that BeWon is very good Korean.