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May 3, 2013 12:05 PM

Woolley's Seafood House in Freehold, NJ

I was driving by when I noticed that Woolley's Fish Market built an extension to their store called Woolley's Seafood House. Wondering if it's a restaurant.

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  1. Yes its on the site where they had the seafood tent that you could eat outside years ago.. hope its ready for summer.

    1. When I inquired by phone, a staff memeber informed me that they are cheduled to open the week of July 21st...we'll see!!!

      1. I wonder if they are related in any way to the great Wholey's (pronounced wooleys) seafood market in Pittsburgh?


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          No they are are not related to the great Wholey in Pittsburgh - wish they were. My memory of this institution in the burgh goes back to the 1960's fish sandwiches. If you know Wholey you probably remember the downtown Oyster House, another seafood great...

        2. Anybody been here yet?

          1. It is a restaurant and just opened. I drove past there last night and there were people inside dining. I stopped by this morning and ck'd out the menue on the door (limited selection for now they said they will have a bigger menue in the future). Opens 4-8 and has a back upstairs outside dining. I look forward to dining there soon.

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            1. re: carolb8195

              I looked at the menu when i was there over the weekend.
              It looks a bit pricey. All the entrees are at least $13-14.

              For it's location which is right next to a pretty basic seafood market, i wasn't expecting that kind of pricing.

              1. re: yCf

                But at least you know the fish is fresh. :)

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                  Pretty much any local seafood restaurants I am aware of charge that much for appetizers...