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May 3, 2013 12:04 PM

Bars close to the Brooklyn Sheraton

Hi all!
I'm looking for a bar close to the Brooklyn Sheraton (228 Duffield Street) for an after-party for our guests after our wedding in June. It'll be late on a Friday (about 1 am). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. The closer to the hotel, the better.


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  1. Hmmm, before i read the body of your post i was thinking Brookly Inn, which is about a 10 minute walk down Hoyt, but is, in my opinion, a pretty cool and laid back bar. If your priority is proximity, i suppose there must be better (closer) options.

    Is the wedding at the hotel? how many people are you thinking you will be with? ages and bar-style preferences?

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      Thank you so much for your reply! The wedding is at the Liberty Warehouse, although, until you asked, it didn't occur to me to stick to Red Hook bars, which is a new possibility.

      My guests are all likely to be anywhere from 30-60 and a few from overseas (Wales, England, New Zealand). The Brooklyn Inn is a great idea, and I like the laid back idea. Right on target! Laid back crowd, and big drinkers......

      1. re: auntfun

        Yeah, as a late 20s person who often feels old in NY bars, getting your target demographic down was pretty important. Brooklyn Inn is not one of those places, but far from stuffy/boring also. I guess they have been closed for renovations for a bit but im pretty certain they just reopened.

        1. re: auntfun

          Brooklyn Inn is fantastic, and has just reopened after some minor renovations. If you don't feel like going far afield, a new bar has opened in the Hotel Indigo across the street from the Sheraton, although it's only open until 2. Can't vouch for it, but it doesn't get much closer. Also, if you were going to Brooklyn Inn you'd pass Bijan's on Hoyt St, which seems to be well liked. (I find it to be just a decent neighborhood bar, nothing more, nothing less.) And lastly, should you want to go a little bottom-of-the-barrel, you can't do better (or worse) than Hank's Saloon on 3rd, a proper NYC dive bar.

          1. re: lambretta76

            Another option: "Building On Bond" (Bond Street near Dean Street) - ususally fine craft beer selection, reasonably-priced and indoor/outdoor seating - with a couple of private-type rooms towards the back.

      2. North of the Sheraton is a wasteland when it comes to drinking. I won't get into Red Hook, deserves it's own booze thread.

        Brooklyn Inn, likely perfect vibe, could be slammed by as many people as you suggest, as they will likely be busy. Keep the other good bars in Boerum Hill in your back pocket. They are all one block away from Brooklyn Inn, along Smith. Boat, Camp, Jarro, Ceol... All should be n your radar. All good options, I'd suggest Jarro, but call ahead to them. Spacious room, and you could set the vibe, would probably feel like your private party, and bartenders there are nice, competent. Not sure, but 61 Local across the street from them might be open that late...

        1. This is all fantastic advice. Thank you all so much!!