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May 3, 2013 11:49 AM

Rumor of being discontinued - Ancient Ancient Age and Dickel?

I hope the person who told me this is wrong, but she got it from a liquor store employee in KY.

I haven't found any reference to this online, though I am aware Dickel recently did away with its lowest offering, the Cascade hollow label - which was a shame because IMO even that was better than JD No 7. I am hoping this is the grain of truth in this rumor that has gotten blown out of proportion.

As far as the AAA, I hadn't heard anything at all until she told me this, and it is a staple of her household. Does anyone know? Or can find out for sure?

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by Dickel being discontinued. As you may know, George Dickel is a distillery in Tennessee owned by Diageo. Cascade Hollow was a younger whiskey brought out when the had a shortage of No. 8. Now they have enough No. 8 which is why they discontinued Cascade Hollow. AFAIK, the brand is in no danger of going anywhere. Oh, and if you liked Cascade Hollow, do try the No. 8 or even better, No. 12.

    As for AAA, I haven't heard that, but it's possible. It's really only a regional brand and aged whiskey is at a premium, but given the other second hand information this person gave you, I wouldn't give it any credence until you hear it from a reliable source.

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      Sku - I am well acquainted with GD, being nearly done with handles of both No 12 and Cascade Hollow. I have yet to try the No 8.

      I wish I could get the same deal I got those bottles for, $22 and $12 after $10 mail-in rebates.

      I am not sure the KY liquor store clerk told her about the Dickel, that might have been her friend. I asked her if she was sure but I haven't heard back from her.

    2. I made an inquiry with Buffalo Trace and was told that AAA is not being discontinued but because sales have been declining, some sizes are likely to be discontinued (they don't know which but my guess would be either the 1 liter or 1.75).