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May 3, 2013 11:36 AM

Reno - Brewer's Cabinet

I had a Groupon for here or might not have gone since beer is never my beverage of choice - well, except with Mexican or Asian food :) But I'm really glad we did. It's where the Chocolate Bar used to be at Arlington and Liberty, just south of the river. It's got a nice casual vibe to it. Also outdoor seating.

We shared the Pig 3 Ways which included pork rillettes, seared pork belly and smoked bacon, grainy mustard, pretzel bread and cheese (?gouda). The rillettes was really more like pulled pork but still tasty. The bacon was so good, perfectly crispy without being overcooked. And the pork belly was GREAT! Scored on the top side and then deeply seared. The other dish was the Housemade Tater Tots. The 'tots' are probably 1-1/2" long and close to an inch in diameter, fried up to be crispy. In a bowl with crispy bacon pieces, green onions and cheesy sauce and ketchup, topped with an overeasy egg. I was prepared to be disappointed when the ketchup came drizzled on the top. But this was just a great, gooey, cheesy, bacony potato dish! Even sharing this was WAY too much food for the two of us. We thought with the addition of a salad, it could feed three or four. YMMV.

They make some of their beers and have "friends' draughts." And a few wines so I was fine. Don't remember what dark beer Bob had but he liked it.

I want to go back and work my way through this menu. Oh, and the staff were friendly and excited about this new place. Check it out. Please.

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  1. My husband and there stopped for dessert and a beer recently when another nearby place we wanted to go to closed early. The beer was pretty good, and the outdoor patio will be nice in summer, but I was NOT impressed with dessert. I forget what we had, but it was one the waitress said was her favorite, and even though the two of us shared it we didn't finish it....just not worth the calories. I doubt if we'll be back anytime soon, mainly because there seemed to be few vegetarian-friendly dishes on the menu.....

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      Since we rarely have dessert, I sure can't address that but am sorry you were disappointed. Hubs isn't a vegan, is he? If not those ooey-gooey potatoes would fit. But I'm like you. There are too many good places that if we have a less than satisfactory experience, we're not inclined to go back. I do, however, hope every local place does their best.

      1. re: c oliver

        ummm....I thought you said there was bacon in the potatoes. DH is particularly careful to avoid bacon, as he thinks of it as a "gateway" meat...(ie it gets you hooked and then you want more meat:-)

        1. re: janetofreno

          Oops, forgot about the bacon. But it's clearly added so I imagine it could be excluded and not lose anything. And he's so right. Ah, bacon :)

    2. After not being here for a year, we went for lunch today and remain happy with it. We shared a great salad of grilled, sliced chicken with quite a zip from chipotle powder, black beans, crispy tortilla strips, cheese, mised greens and a lesser spicty dressing, served on the side. The other dish was a French dip with roast beef, Swiss cheese and garlic mayo. Just perfect. We need to get back there more often.