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May 3, 2013 11:16 AM

Dish of the Month - April 2013

I don't think anyone has started this month's yet, so here goes.

I'm torn between several dishes that we had at The Kitchin in Edinburgh. But I think I have to go for the amuse bouche - jellied chicken consomme, sliced chicken, quail’s egg, peas, broad beans, slivers of apple and a littler crispy bacon. Fabulous.

But it was such a faultless meal that, in ten minutes time, I may want to pick something else.

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  1. My dish would probably be the following. I noticed that my husband's favorite, the sweet and sour sardines are not on the current menu. Time to go back to Loconda Locatelli. :-)

    Ravioli del plin
    Homemade ravioli with braised veal, butter and sage