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May 3, 2013 10:57 AM

PVD/RI * May '13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

April seemed slow, but hopefully May will pick up. What new, closed, or on the way?

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  1. Something is going into the bermuda triangle of restaurant spaces, next to Cilanto on Weybosset, where Rollies, the crepe place, the green coffee shop etc... used to be.

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    1. re: Frobisher

      and Angkor Express, Bender's Cafe, Jimmy Johns....

      1. re: Frobisher

        So the new entrant will be UMelt, which is a purveyor of grilled cheese. They have a location in Kingston and a snazzy website. I predict this latest contestant manages to make a go of it.

    2. Don't know how absolutely new this all is, but:

      - Bubble Tea House is gone, replaced by chain Bobalicious on Westminster

      - In the Ugly American space on Ives is a new Thai place, not sure of the name (which makes for, what, about 6 Thai themed, if not exclusive, restaurants on the East Side!)

      - Nami, new sushi place on Federal Hill which has had good word of mouth so far...

      - Boloco chain opened in the Traders Joes plaza in Warwick

      1. Chef Walters on fed hill closed & Blush wine bar

        1. Any word on what eateries will be opening in the Arcade?

          1. It seems that Cuban Revolution (downtown) is closed, but the 2nd location is still open

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            1. re: Jennifer Luxmoore

              Too bad - cool space and a decent place for a drink, but I've been completely underwhelmed by the food downtown (have not been to the other location).