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May 3, 2013 10:56 AM

Lunch in North York (Sheppard & Yonge)


I am from Montréal and will be going to our Toronto office on May 28. I need to bring 4 clients to lunch. Our office is on Sheppard and Yonge in North York and I am looking for something close by. I went many times to our office there and always end up in average places. Is there anything good around? Even if we have to take a 5-10 minutes cab, it is ok.

The clients are major foodies, so I am really looking forward to discover a great place with them.

Thank you for any advice you are able to give me!

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  1. Auberge Du Pommier might be a good option. It's fancy though. But anything else in the area is pretty low-key and not really where I'd bring clients.

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    1. re: jlunar

      Thank you! It's funny, I was looking at Oliver & Bonacini, but when I saw it was in a shopping mall I was really discouraged. I understand that Auberge Du Pommier is in the same group of restaurants, but probably better?

      I made a reservation - thank you for the reco!!

      1. re: xavpg

        It's actually a separate building in the middle of the parking lot of an office building. It seems very cold when you're making your way to the restaurant.

        It is, however, really French country-side cottage (a posh one), one you step in. I love that abrupt transition for some reason. Sort of like a magical door to somewhere that is so very much not a parking lot.

        Depending on when you're going, they have a lovely patio.

        1. re: jlunar

          Thank you, we all enjoyed our lunch very much and I now recommend the place to all my colleagues who are in this situation ;)

    2. Agree on Auberge, especially as these folks are "major foodies". There is really nothing in that immediate area. Auberge is a 5-min cab ride down Yonge Street. It's your best bet.

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      1. Origin North is now open at Bayview village which is an ok option too

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        1. re: Wil

          Great to know Wil, thank you - can be a great option for the area!

        2. Miller Tavern is good with clients.