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May 3, 2013 10:43 AM

Rehearsal Dinner Suggestion?

Hey All -

I was hoping someone would share an opinion/experience to help me choose a restaurant for a rehearsal dinner.

Size of Party: ~25
Format: Either traditional sit-down or buffet
Cuisine: Open
Price: $50-80pp inclusive of drinks

We're looking for something nice and somewhat private - we don't want to just make a large reservation at a restaurant, we'd prefer some kind of private event space. Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. Which borough were you looking for?

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    1. re: auntfun

      Oh - I'm such a dope, I'm looking in Brooklyn

      1. re: strikeoutswinging

        even narrowing it to brooklyn still leaves many options - is there a neighborhood or section of the borough your guests will be staying in/coming from?

        also, is the 50-80 dollars inclusive of service and taxes as well as beverages? is your crowd full of big drinkers? beer/wine or liquor also?

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Good point - I left out a lot of details.

          In terms of neighborhood - I'd prefer north of Prospect Park - from Red Hook through Greenpoint.

          The $50-80 would preferably be inclusive of beverage as well, not necessarily tax/tip. The crowd will not be full of big drinkers, I'm sure everyone will have a drink/few drinks, but not a particularly raucous group.

          This thread actually reminds me a lot of wedding planning in general - there are a million details I'm constantly overlooking... thanks for posting though!

          1. re: strikeoutswinging

            my daughter's rehearsal dinner is being held at Osteria Convivium on 5th Ave.- they have both an outdoor space and a cellar space that would fit a party of your size. Ill report back after the event - I think your price range could t work there,but Im not handling that end of things.Its very good food. Much drinking though could take you over your number.

            We recently very much enjoyed a meal at Surfish , also on 5th. Their garden could probably accomodate your party - nice service, tasty and stylish food (chef is peruvian). Sangria was very good,

    2. Maybe try Alma or Brooklyn Crab? They're run by the same people (I think) and are actually quite nice to work with. The guy at Alma to speak to is Anthony.

      Full disclosure - I'm having my rehearsal dinner there. The views are spectacular and the food is great.

      1. Lavender Lake has room to make a private area for you, and the food is actually quite good.

        1. If you like, i have a private brownstone where I do private events. Please contact me at Please put chowhound in the title.