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May 3, 2013 10:31 AM

Anyone know of a source for frozen Hatch green chili's in SEA area?

I need to make a big batch of my 'famous' chili verde, and it depends on the great flavor of Hatch chilies, which I buy a case of, roasted, in late summer take home and peel, and freeze up. I have run out, and hope some Hound in this area can point me to a source for more....

Have not seen in the freezer at any mexi-mart, Met Market, etc. yet.

Help please! :)

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  1. I have not seen frozen Hatch chili anywhere. I have seen canned and fresh (but the latter only in season). How much do you need? I have some in my freezer ...

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    1. re: klsalas

      klsalas - I haven't even seen canned Hatch here - just the fresh briefly in late summer.

      I need about 3 lbs, (making verde for a party for 50 people) but had planned to just go with the Serious Eats 'food lab' version, where Kenji explains how to do it without Hatch chilies.

      Sweet of you to even proffer your freezer offerings - but I wouldn't want to deprive a Hound of that luxury - I clearly need to buy 2 cases this next summer so I don't run out!

      1. re: gingershelley

        Hatch brand sells fire roasted Hatch diced green chiles in 4 oz. cans.

        1. re: gingershelley

          I have come up with an approximation of medium hot Hatch green chile using a 1:1 ratio (numbers vs. weight) of anaheim to serrano chiles. I roast under the broiler and then once well blistered I put in a paper bag to steam for about 15 minutes before peeling and rough seeding. I chop up the chiles with a little garlic (to taste -- maybe a clove per pound or two of green chiles) and salt.

          1. re: klsalas

            klsalas - I used a ratio of 1/2 poblanos, 1/2 anahiem's, and my recipes allready call for a few jalapenos and serrano's.

            It turned out great with no hatch - not AS good, but plenty good enough :)

      2. I have never seen it locally, and I know this is going to be a much bigger quantity than you need, but here is a source that can ship to your door:

        An internet search might turn up a vendor who will ship smaller quantities.

        1. Canned Green Chile just doesn't compare to the Fire Roasted Frozen Chile! Taste is entirely different. :) Would love to know your Chile Verde recipe!

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          1. re: ChileMonster

            agree chile monster; the frozen fire-roasted Hatch are a different product all together from any standard canned chili; I quit using those cans a long time ago.... mostly roast my own, but generic anaheims don't have the Hatch flavor.

            Have been glad to get those here in late summer the last couple of years - I just clearly need to buy more of them. After seeing the prices for having them shipped, I will find room for some more zip-lock freezer bags when they are up local.

            A decent approximation of my recipe can be found here;

            1. re: gingershelley

              It's nice that many of the grocery chains ARE distributing Hatch Chile during harvest Nationwide. We always like to create a list of where to get them for the fans of our FB page. Shipping IS crazy expensive. Buy a deep freeze and STOCK UP on the Chiles.... I spent years loading up an empty suitcase every time I visited ABQ before starting CM. I'm sure you understand that one. Thanks for the non-Hatch Chile recipe-we may post it to our page if you don't mind? Have a lovely Monday!

              1. re: ChileMonster

                I have bought them at Ballard Market in harvest season.

                1. re: ChileMonster

                  chili monster - since that is not my recipe - of course you can post it; you just should give credit to Serious Eats for provenenance, of course :)

                  Yes, the growth of hatch chili roasting events coming up here has been welcome the last few years - and it seemed to grow last year to a wider bunch of places. Hope that continues. Very reasonable when bought that way :)