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May 3, 2013 10:03 AM

Venice: Corte Sconta v Al Covo v Il Ridotto

In Venice 3 nights.
First night is Anice Stellato, next is Al Testiere.
Can't decide between these for our final night in a Saturday.
Help me out. :)

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  1. I don't know Il Ridotto, but love Al Covo, where I try to go every time I'm in Venice. I didn't care for Corte Sconta the one time I went—I recall the food and service as average, the price way above, and less than transparent given the practice of bringing many antipasti without benefit of menu. It was a number of years ago.

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      We did not have the same experience of being served unpriced food at Corte Sconta, which we found warm and reasonable - at that time they had a grand antipasto, which was priced on the menu, but this was also some years ago.

      You should use search for recent takes on Il Ridotto - ive seen both fvorable and underwhelmed reports in the last couple years.

    2. Depends on what type of restaurant you are looking for. Have not been to Il Ridotto. Like Alle Testiere, Corte Sconta is all seafood but more traditional Venetian.