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Looking for a Restaurant for Large Party of 50 budget of 20-30$

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I am in charge of booking a venue for a reunion dinner when our research group attends a conference in June. As I am from out of town I would appreciate any comments or recommendations of possible places for this large of a group.

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    1. If you are looking for steak, Mancini's Char House is a St Paul institution and will fit your budget. It is in St Paul though so may help to know where you conference is taking place and where you are staying.

      1. What part of town are you coming from?

          1. Oak Grill at Macy's DT MPLS- separate room, affordable but delicious menu, no private party charge, free popovers :)

            1. If your group is okay with quote-unquote "non-mainstream" food, you probably would have mentioned it, but just in case...

              Last summer, I arranged a catered birthday party with WONDERFUL food from Holy Land deli in NE Minneapolis that was under $20/person - and that's the total price, not the per-entree price (I suspect some of the other recs are assuming entree not total). Holy Land has a large room that could easily accommodate your group for that price, but it would be a buffet - not table service - in a very bare-bones environment. But their Egyptian/Middle-Eastern food is great. If that appeals, check 'em out!