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Steaks, not downtown: Austin Land and Cattle vs Bartlett's vs Eddie V's (arboretum) vs. ???

So i was craving a good steak. More to the point, a steakhouse experience. I don't feel much like going downtown. It's been at least 10 years since i've been to ALC, but remember enjoying it. I enjoy the Steaks at Eddie V's, but the busy noisiness of downtown location is not what i'm looking for. Having said that I've never been to the one North, so I don't know if it is the same. I've only been to the bar at Bartlett's,so was wondering about the steaks in particular. FWIW, i had the burger, and while not bad, was kind of overpriced and overrated.
Any place else?

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  1. If noisiness isn't your thing, then ALC might be your pick over Bartlett's. While I think the decor and overall vibe is better at the latter, it's been packed whenever I've gone. Not like Parkside on a busy night noisy, but ALC's definitely the mellower option. As for steaks, I think they're both great... Bartlett's might be the winner for me due to the vibe and grilled artichoke appetizer.

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    1. There's Roaring Fork at Stonelake. However, it's seems very noisy to me when it's crowded. If it's a nice day, the patio next to the lake can be a little quieter.

      Also, not quite what you asked for but there's Estancia Churrascaria in the Arboretum.

      I'm not sure I'd pick either over Bartletts but I thought I'd throw them out there.

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        I'm looking forward to going to Estancia sometime in the future, just not this trip. So, do you recommend it?

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          Estancia is okay, actually better than Fago De Chow, but nothing worth getting worked up about. Any of the BBQ places give you must better meat. Flemings is good but I'm an ALC fan.

      2. Since you can get a great steak at all three, as well as sides, I really think the only thing I could base a decision on is mood or the type of ambiance. I would gladly enjoy a steak at any of those three restaurants, as well as Roaring Fork and Flemings at the Domain... mmmm... have a great meal! Im looking forward to trying Perry's but that is downtown.

        1. also for the list, the steak frites at hopfield's has been on the money and reasonably priced.

          1. Flemings at the Domain has been excellent. Far superior to any meal I've had at ALC, and I dont think Bartlett's steaks are prime grade.

            1. Saltgrass Steak House (great hills).

              1. There's also Truluck's near the Arboretum.

                1. For a long time and until relatively recently, I rated ALC's medium rare aged fillet the best in town and enjoyed their ribeye as well. But in my last few visits over the past 18 months they've fallen back a bit in consistency (both doneness and flavor). Maybe just a few misses. I've not had the Bartlett's steak, but the ribeye sandwich is supremely good.

                  I've had probably 5 filets at EVs up north and they're always a solid choice. can't speak to the other cuts.

                  1. While not a big fan of chains, the landscape is pretty barren up in G'town but I decided to try Longhorn Steakhouse. I had the flat iron and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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                      Is it just me or do others also think the ol' Longhorn brines their steaks?

                    2. So,we ended up opting for Bartlett's. For some reason I thought there were more steak options on the menu. They offered a filet mignon, a ribeye, marinated in a pineapple, soy, ginger marinade, and prime rib. I almost picked the ribeye but instead, both I and my dining companion got the off menu special, a filet topped with lump crab meat and bernaise. It was simply great. We started dinner with the warm spinach artichoke dip and some martinis. All in all, it was a real good choice.

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                        I don't usually order marinated steaks, but that Hawaiian ribeye sure chars up nicely on the wood grill.

                      2. My back backyard off my green egg is the best steak you will evvvvver eat... but since my parents often frown on me inviting strangers to dinner... I vote in this order
                        Hudson on the Bay

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                          Assume you mean Hudson's on the Bend and Zed's has been out of business for a few months now, so you'll have to update the list.

                          Loved that venue, especially the patio and grassy knoll. Hope something else will go in there.

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                            awww zeds is gone? life sucks when you dont drive... you are always the last to know evvvverything! what about that place on 4th finn and porter? is it still there

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                                Finn & Porter is still there and was remodeled a few years agao. McCormick & Schmick's downtown is now Willie G's in the Frost building.

                          2. I think the steaks at Vespaio are always very good, sometimes excellent. (The hanger steak next door at Enoteca is decent, but often a little overseasoned.)

                            Post-Backstage Steakhouse (RIP), El Arbol (RIP) was the answer to this, but now it is Olive & June. I do love Shawn's cooking; it is possible their steak (still oak-fired, per the menu) is the answer.