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May 3, 2013 07:14 AM

Food tours in Iceland?

Family wedding in Keflavik, and an excuse for my first visit to Iceland. Plenty to do on both family and tourism fronts, but I really would like to find a food tour there, presumably in Reykjavik. And are there any farmers' markets or street markets? I'll be there in late June. Thanks!

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  1. We are headed there in late March, were you able to do any food touring?

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      No food tours - did some research on my own, but was so short of time r/t family obligations that I was happy to get a couple of meals at a nice restaurant and a half-day to go exploring on my own. Interesting grocery store with a pink elephant emblem, and that was worthwhile. One specialty is caramelized rhubarb, which I found at a specialty store on the main drag in Reykjavik - some "gourmet foods" and chocolates and so on there. Very hospitable people, not just my new in-law's family, and did eat good home-food. Also whale at the wedding reception!

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        Thanks for the reply, I will investigate the rhubarb.