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May 3, 2013 06:50 AM

OMG- Eat at Jumbo's in Somerville, very vegan friendly!!!

Last night the BF and I went to try a place that I had read about- one that has vegan pizza. I've really missed pizza with the closing of Peace o' Pie, but this place is a marvel and worthy successer
The food is fantasticly, wonderful- they even make their own faux meats, for the pizza's and subs
Everything is so fresh and fabulous- I plan to be a frequent visiter!!!

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  1. sounds good! have you tried The Friendly Toast? I have only been to the NH one, but imagine the Kendall Sq one has the same veggie sausage and bacon. They don't make their own though, probably Morningstar

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      The Kendall Square Friendly Toast has the same menu. Not too many vegan dinner options though (but you can order the breakfast menu all day long).

      For vegan casual, Veggie Galaxy is my personal favorite and everything is vegetarian and many things are vegan. They have housemade veggie bacon and sausage (soy chorizo), and their 2 styles of housemade veggie burgers are some of the best in the city.