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May 3, 2013 06:31 AM

Breakfast in the Baltimore Area?

We will be passing through, and sleeping overnight, in the Baltimore area. The closest breakfast place seems to be Eden Cafe. Can anyone tell me if this is a decent place, and give some details?
Also, any recommendations for someplace to eat in the area the night before, if we are hungry?
We will be coming to Baltimore from the Maryland/DC area, where we will be having a 4pm late fleishig lunch/early dinner; but I'm afraid that we may get a little hungry later that evening, when we get to Baltimore.

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  1. I can't comment on Eden Cafe, but I would definitely recommend Goldberg's Bagels for breakfast: Or, if you're going to be in Baltimore on a Sunday, Milk and Honey Bistro has a buffet breakfast.

    There aren't very many options late at night. Kosher Bite (fast food/Israeli/Chinese) is open until 11pm:, and Dougie's is open until either 10 or 11 depending on the day: Also, David Chu's (Chinese) is open until 10pm, I believe. There may be one or two more places open until 10, but most restaurants close at 9 or earlier.

    Oh, and there's a 24-hour Dunkin Donuts as well.

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      Thanks so much for the Goldberg's Bagels recommendation. It was the perfect choice. Our motel, was in Timonium, and Goldberg's had a branch (also under the Star K), which was just minutes away.
      Then we headed on, to a beautiful afternoon in Longwood Gardens,
      in the Brandywine River Valley, topped off by dinner at Citron & Rose, in Philly, (review to follow, as soon as I get a chance), on our way home.

      1. re: Bzdhkap

        I'm glad it worked out. The Timonium location is a nice addition to the kosher options in the area.

        The rest of your day sounds like a great day trip, too.

    2. We were in Baltimore for the weekend recently and picked up breakfast burritos to go at Eden Cafe. My son enjoyed his bagel but he's only three ;). They were pretty good. The accompanying potato crisp was good too. Coffee was meh, and service was a little slow, but we were there the minute they opened and were starting their day.

      The seating in the atrium is nice. With the wifi you can also work if needed.

      It qualifies as decent. I'd go again and try more of the menu.