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May 3, 2013 06:20 AM

Has anyone been to Mr. Broadway lately?

We're going out to big family birthday dinner Monday night for someone turning 99 (AMV"Sh). A few in the party have suggested Mr. Broadway. We're going to be a group of varying ages and tastes, so it seems like this might be a place with something on the menu for everyone. It's also sort of centrally located for the people coming.

My husband says that when he's been there (about a year ago) the place was sort of a dump and the food not so great. Any opinions?
Do you think we should insist on someplace else, and if so, where?

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  1. They recently redid the interior, so it looks nice although smaller than before. There is now a big bar in front. As to the food, it was never one of my favorite places, so I I was only setting my standard at edible. It is that. They also seem to have revamped the menu so it is smaller than before. That being said, for a big party of varying tastes - without spending an arm and a leg it is still a good option.

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      I was last there about a year ago, but was very unimpressed. The food was edible, not much more. I went there to meet a friend from Brooklyn, it was centrally located. I met the same friend on the lower east side this week, went to Noahs Ark , enjoyed my burger far more. Mr Broadway has always been very noisy, which may not work well for a group of older people and children.

    2. I did hear that they recently updated/upgraded the space/menu. It might make sense in terms of budget, variety.

      Tiberias, also modestly priced, would be another option.

      1. I would hope, and please forgive me if I offend you, that when I turn 99 IY"H that someone takes me anywhere else other than Mr. Broadway. It's too noisy and annoying of a place. Plus the food isn't particularly good.

        1. It's been redone very nicely. We were put in a corner nd wasn't so noisy. But b careful if a game at the garden than it gets crowded. The menu has been revamped and been pretty decent. Good bang for your buck

          1. I happen to love Mr. Broadway. In fact, I'm a bit surprised at some of the suggestions here....

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              It's funny that you are surprised. My husband works right there and is the least picky diner you could find. He felt frustrated by the lack of cleanliness, the quality of the food, the noisiness (the noisiness was fine when he was in college, though). If they fixed it up, that's great. It was sorely needed. I just can't picture a 99 year old man enjoying a meal there. Noah's Ark, maybe. Some other more quiet deli, sure. But, Mr. Broadway for a 99 year old? Really?

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                I guess I just don't go during the busy hours. Never had an issue with noise, and the variety makes for happy meals for all ages.

                Have you gone since they fixed it up?

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                  The noise was a major issue 14 years ago when I went on my last first date there. My date was the quietest guy you could imagine, especially under the circumstances of a first date (first dates are uncomfortable under the best of circumstances, but the noise level really made it hard). Still, we just celebrated our 13th anniversary, so I have a soft spot in my heart for the place. (On the other hand, we've never gone back . . . Pardes is our restaurant of choice these days!)

                  1. re: queenscook

                    Yeah, I love Pardes and it is by far my favorite restaurant. If the 99 year old wants to go there, I suggest it.

                    But if one asks me what my favorite convenient restaurant is of choice, I'd say Mr. Broadway--easy to get to and open more hours. ;)