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May 3, 2013 05:42 AM

Hard Pretzels

It's Baseball season again and one of my favorite things is to sit with some beer, a bag of hard pretzels, and a bit of Polish mustard, while a catch a Yankees or Dodgers game (though, truth be told, I'm just as happy to watch the Giants or the Orioles). Any other hard pretzel fans? What's your brand?

Uncle Jerry's Special Dark's are my POC lately, but I'm good with most thick ones (Mrs. UTZ comes to mind). Also, I confess, I start with the broken pieces, saving the whole ones for last. The ones with the most salt are also to be sought out early.

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    1. re: stephen

      Man, I rember those. I went to College in Reading. They used to serve 'em (not the extra salt) at the Yuengling brewery after the tour. I also remember Reading Phillies games - great fun (the Men's room there was particularly unforgettable, troughs on the floor filled with ice). Thanks.

      1. re: MGZ

        POC=Pretzel Of Choice? (c'mon man it's Friday don't make me think)

        Funny, your POC is probably my least favorite. I enjoy regular pretzels, as you would get at the ballpark. I also truly enjoy pretzel bites, or specifically something like;

        On another food POC related topic, Char of Raritan (Still haven't stepped foot in Red Bank) has pretzel dinner rolls, which are delicious!

        1. re: MGZ

          The extra salt ones are REALLY salty...but I love them. Luckily for my blood pressure I live in Ontario and only have them when I get back to the states, or have the gumption to order them shipped.

        2. re: stephen

          These are the best! I grew up near Reading and these are my favorite hard pretzels. Whenever family makes the trip to Indiana to visit me, they'd bring a bag or two of these. But I've recently discovered them in Indiana, so Unique must be expanding their sales footprint. I haven't purchased any here and I hope the quality hasn't suffered.

          On a tangential note, my favorite SOFT pretzels are the ones in Germany (Baden, specifically)--split and buttered with unsalted, cultured butter. Heaven! I can eat a couple of those in one sitting.

          1. re: Karl S

            Yep, those are the ones stephen and I were discussing. I ordered a six pack. Pretzels - $30. Chesterfield Ale - $6. Nostalgia - Priceless.

            The more important questions, however, are: Do you start with the broken bits or the pretty whole pretzels? and Who's gonna win the World Series?

            1. re: MGZ

              ALways eat the broken ones first, saving the whole ones. Of course.

          2. I prefer Revonah and Martin's:


            If you stop by the Revonah bakery when they are baking the pretzels, you can request half baked pretzels which are hard on the outside, but still soft in the middle. In my opinion, you have to eat the half baked ones while still warm. The contrast feels odd to me after they cool down.

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            1. re: bmorecupcake

              +1 for Martin's Special Hard. Outstanding!

              1. re: Alfred G

                Martin's is the real deal. Good stuff.

            2. Snyder's Butter Snaps. It's the best snack food discovery I've made in the states since Hint of Lime tortilla chips. Different crowds, for sure.

              Though, I'm quite partial to unsalted Snyder's and sourdough nuggets too.


              1. I don't eat many snack foods, but love pretzels. For the regular hard thick pretzels I prefer Utz but also enjoy Snyder's pretzel varieties particularly the flavored nibbles and pieces.